THEORY: Recognition

It always feels funny when you see yourself from another person's point of view. Confused? For example, it doesn't feel weird when I post my picture on facebook and place a caption on it but it feels weird when someone else posts that same picture on facebook with their own caption of it (even when it's a good thing)! Whether its a negative or a positive, you always suddenly find yourself examining yourself to see if what the other person said is true or not. We then feel weird about either not noticing this truth about ourselves or not believing how others see us.

If you are fine with seeing yourself being talked about then good for you but that isn't true for me. I believe I have crossed the shyness area of my being to the more expressive side but I am still not comfortable with seeing myself all over! I prefer posting my own photos I guess. Case in point: My tarpaulin in school! I know the school just wants to recognize students' achievements with what they're doing but I would appreciate a letter or a handshake better. It's just not comfortable for me to see my face every single day! Anyways, its already there so might as well show you what I'm talking about.

Plus its pink and floral! I know its Candy but next to the other tarpaulins I look so petty which is another reason I wish they hadn't put the tarpaulin up in the first place.

Recognition can be tricky. I guess there is just different ways of recognizing achievements for different people and this style (above) is definitely not mine (but then again, maybe its just the flowers. Hmmm)

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