STORY: Campaign Manager signing off

You know the Student Council elections is just around the corner when Miting de Avance has began. As campaign manager, I wanted the last day of campaign to be big, bold and some other adjective with a B. I went all out. Jose & I even went to 168 Mall at divisoria the night before just to buy balloons to be given away to the crowd. (Our divisoria trip is another adventure!)

Its sad though that not much people turned up for the event. When i had my miting de avance last year, people were even standing since all the seats were taken. The crowd would be cheering for the bets and the candidates were all the more pumped to give their speech. However, this year's MDA left the social hall almost half empty. I was sad for my candidates and for my balloons as well since not much would see them. In my last effort to help my candidates, I went around the campus trying to convince people to watch but to no avail. Thank God some of my classmates watched and agreed to stay until everyone gave their speeches.

The event was a 3 out of 5 in my book but the real awaited event is the announcement of winners. Unfortunately, the campaign manager can no longer do anything to help.

Campaign manager officially signing off.

The balloons and the flyers yours truly designed and produced!

Praying as a team before the event.

The venue.

The front row was hardly filled.

There were no green balloons in 168 so i settled for pink. I just had green ribbons added.

The make-do stand for our poster. ;)

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