STORY: Make some Noise!

I was able to join the weekly Noise Barrage of my school last Friday and boy was it truly noisy!

The event started when Ms. Heidi Mendoza had a talk in school about the whistleblowing situation. I'm not really a fan of hardcore news so I just know the basics of the story. However, I won't burden you by reading my (most likely) inaccurate version of the story. If you want to know about the case, just search her name on Google. ;)

The noise barrage is the school's way fo supporting the truth tellers in the government and not only Ms. Heidi Mendoza. The effort did attract some attention (it even got into the newspaper!) but I think this is pretty short term. We did get people't attention (who wouldn't take a second glance? Whistles were blowing along the entire street and the vehicles that passed by were honking their horns!) but we don't necessarily hold it. I believe in time, the campaign of the school will find more long terms ways of supporting these truth tellers.

In the mean time, prepare your ears for this video I took of last Friday's activity.

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