STORY: Proscilla's Back!

I named my laptop Proscilla because... well, i'd rather not say but what I can say is that I love my laptop very much. I am very dependent on the internet and computer programs for both work and play so you could just imagine my attachment to Proscilla. Sadly, Proscilla needed to be checked on since the touch pad is no longer functioning well. Blame on my refusal to use a mouse (I feel more comfortable editing in Photoshop using the touchpad than a mouse, for anyr program for that matter) which caused the left click of the touch pad to finally fail.

After 3 days at Acer, i finally got my baby back. However, the repair costs too much (P6,500) and it would take 3 days up to 2 months to get it done. I don't know which made me refuse to have my baby repaired more - the price or the duration.

So now i have to learn how to use a mouse, whether I like it or not. But we'll get through this right, Proscilla? :)

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Pya said...

Welcome back Proscilla!