STORY: The Rai Rai Ken Disaster

Is it just me or is the title of this post similar to The Big Bang Theory's episode titles? Speaking of TBBT, I really miss watching that show online but the fast approaching summer vacation tells me that I can finally get back to that soon.

Anyway, let's get back to my "Rai Rai Ken Disaster" story. Here it goes:

Jose & I had lunch at Rai Rai Ken at Makati after school. He knew the owner of the place and wanted to see what it was like (although it is a franchise so its pretty much the same anywhere!) We ordered the usual gyoza and gooey thingy (check the photo, I forgot what's it called. I think its fish eggs or something) plus the yummy rice platter. We tried something new this time by ordering the sizzling beef and vegetables (the dishes have their japanese names but I just can't remember what they are at the moment).

So after we ordered everything, we started to get impatient after 5-10 minutes of waiting. Its safe to assume that we were very hungry already so the few minutes of waiting felt like forever! When the food finally came at 12:50pm, we dug in. The gyoza came a few minutes earlier by the way so by the time the rest of the food came, only 3 out of the 6 were left.

Fast forward to 1:05pm, all the plates were empty, even the rice platter which (according to the menu) was for 3-5 people! Jose & I didn't notice how fast we finished all the food since we just ate everything up! When we looked up and saw that all the food was finished, we checked the time and found out that it has just been 15 minutes!

We didn't know how to react to our "speedy" eating. We noticed that the waiters and waitresses were looking and talking about us. Maybe its because they had just turned their back at us a few minutes earlier after serving our food and looked at us again only to find that all the food was gone! I even heard the word "taob" from afar. It was so embarrassing we didn't know whether to ask for the bill already or try to save face by eating the last pieces of rice very, very slowly.

Jose tried to convince me (and himself) that we are paying customers and how we eat (or how fast we do so) is none of the waiters and waitresses business. However we both knew that this isn't enough to save ourselves from embarrassment! We decided to just pay the bill as fast as we could and dash out of the place.

Its another obvious assumption that we won't EVER go back to that place again however the speed of our chewing and swallowing is a different story. ;P

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Anonymous said...


I was searching for Rai rai ken branches here in Makati and came across your blog.

Can you point me out where this branch is located?