STORY: Unmask me!

For my Art Appreciation class, we were made to make plaster molds of our very own faces! As usual, my partner for all seasons (coined by Pya) is Pya. I made her mask and she made mine. Unfortunately, the materials I bought were the "manual" ones. How do I put this? You see, to make the mask one needs plaster of paris and some gauze. So I bought both of that. My classmates on the other hand bought plaster gauze which simply is gauze with plaster already stuck into it. Because of our materials, Pya and I were pretty messier than the others (not to mention more tedious).

Pya got her mask done fine but due to some mishaps (we mixed the whole pack of plaster into a basin thinking that if we kept adding water, it wouldn't harden. the plaster eventually became rock hard when it was my turn to have my mask made) my mask turned out soggy and lumpy. The mixture of the plaster and water wasn't as good as the mixture we did for Pya's.

I remade my mask with my partner forever this time. Check it out here.


Pya said...

"As usual, my partner for all seasons (coined by Pya) is Pya" hahaha this statement made me laugh!

Pya said...

lucky Andy! you have partner for all seasons and a partner forever!