THEORY: 24 hours is not enough!

I recently joined this unique guerilla film making marathon with Pam, Pya & Karl. What is the contest about? Well, its simple. A group made up of 4 members must create a short film that is 20 minutes long withing 24 hours. It sounds simple but believe me when I say that the experience is the exact opposite! By the way the competition is aptly called Twenty[24]Quatro.

We had classes that day so we attended only our first class so we could join the competition at 9am. It was quite embarrassing that we appeared at the starting point in heels and skirt but we just shove it off. We wanted to join and shame isn't stopping us. This is a giant leap for me after my depression stage but I believe this is the sign that I have overcame it already. I'm bouncing back and I'm starting with this.

After the quick orientation, the rest of the day was a giant blur! We started off slow and calm but towards noon we were all getting nervous. Time was running out! To make things even more difficult, we were required to include 4 different locations in the film (The locations were announced at the day of the competiton so some adjustments had to be made to our original script) which cost us time because of all the travelling. I owe jose big time for skipping class and driving for us from 9am to 11pm.

Jose was my saviour this day. He helped us from transpo to equipment. He even directed a scene at one point. Thank you very much! :)

After 13 hours of shooting (plus travel and breaks of course) we finally wrapped up but we were still far from over. We reached my house at 11pm dead tired. But we still had editing to do which wasn't a very easy task. We had hours worth of clips which we had to weave together to form a beautiful film. Doing such with brains half asleep and eyes half closed is close to impossible. We tried to take turns but editing (at laest for me) isn't something a group can do. If you have 3 or 4 people edit certain parts of the film then the style would change. But we were desperate so we had no choice. The result then was sloppy editing with a few major glitches.

Here is the video (Think you can spot the glitches?):

Akala Mo Lobo Title, Noh?

The poster (Jose took this photo!)

I know we could have done better both with the execution and the editing if we were given more time. But I'm pretty okay with what came out of our 24 hours. Our concept was a tad more complex than we thought and we didn't realize that until the editing stage.

Well mistakes were made and lessons were learned. Given a chance, would I have done the movie another way? Surprisingly, no. ;) And don't ask me why 'cause i don't know either. :P

All the entries that reached the finish lines were screened the following week at the SDA Cinema. I guess that was an award in itself. ;)

The Screening Schedule

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