THEORY: "Final"

Its amazing how one word, a short one even, can change everything. I can say, "She got that pizza slice" but when I add "final" to it, it would sound like this, "She got the final pizza slice" and it would solicit a totally different reaction! And this works for any sentence (I think).

Some examples (Just in case you still do not get my point):

I'm reading this chapter for Literature class
(emotion; bored, can't wait to get it over with)
--- I'm reading this final chapter for Literature class
(emotion: excited, motivated)

I was able to buy a ticket to [insert your favorite artist here]'s concert! 
(emotion: happy, content)
--- I was able to buy the final ticket to [insert your favorite artist here]'s concert!
(emotion: extra happy with a dash of pride. BONUS: Bragging rights!)

Now to get to the point of this post...

I finished the Audio Visual Presentation of the Student Council
(emotion: accomplished, relieved)
--- I finished the final Audio Visual Presentation of the Student Council
(emotion: nostalgic)

Yes, the FINAL AVP has come and I am torn with how I should react to it. Happy that finally my baby Proscilla (laptop) can rest, that my hard drive can get tons of memory back and that I can have loads of time to do other things or sad that something beautiful is about to end?

As stressful as the task of creating all media-related stuff for the Student Council has been, the task gave me purpose and made me feel significant. I was the go-to person for something and that made my place in the SC special. We're 10 in the group and its nice to know that when they mention your name, they have a title for you (just like in Pinoy Big Brother but less baduy and rhyme-y) that makes you distinct from the rest. Now that my term is almost over, I can feel my special place fading. And we all know how that feels.

Suddenly I don't fell so torn after all.

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