Ever since I entered St. Scho, all I hear is "advocacy" and honestly, I wasn't really sure if I understood what that meant when I first encountered it. Now that a few years have passed, I think I finally get the idea of what an advocay is, its something you stand for, believe in and willing to fight for.  I'm even happier now that not only have I found my definition of advocacy, I found my advocacy.

Everyday I see people in the streets - rain or shine. Sometimes you see them under the heat of the sun walking with no slippers in the terribly hot road or under the cold unforgiving rain with nothing but a grabage bag on their heads. Everytime I pass by, my heart cries that they don't have a place to go home to at night. Its sad that they don't have a place to run to when the world gets too scary too handle. Its sad that they don't have a wall to shield them from the humiliation that the eyes of the passers by bring upon them. That is why I believe my advocacy is building homes for the homeless.

I have yet to build a home and my short stint with Habitat for Humanity is hardly any help in pushing my advocacy forward. I have yet to start working on this advocacy but I'm happy that I know where my heart is and where I want the rest of me to be.

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