THEORY: Its not the end... yet. #1

Its March already and I can feel not only the end of the school year but also the end of a lot of things.

1. Student Council

My term as 3rd Year Batch Representative is almost over. Its so near that my replacement has already been named!

When I first got the position I never thought I would feel like this when it came to an end. As much as I felt stressed over the load that the position has brought me, is as much the joy I felt over the accomplishments and opportunities that came my way. However, I decided not to continue my Student Council journey next year (despite many pushing from the people around me) so I can find my real calling (as much as I enjoyed being part of the SC, I feel there is a position where I am more fit to be in). I believe another day spent on something that does not get you nearer to your dream is a waste (I think this is a quote from somewhere).

The days of signing (in my case, stamping) convocation cards and texting group messages may be over, but my service to the school is not (I am the newly elected Environment Society President!) And as I close this chapter of Student Leadership, another one opens and I hope I could contribute more if not just as much as I already have.


The Bulletin Board

Stamping Convo Cards

My trusty stamp

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