THEORY: Its not the end... yet. #2

And the list continues...

2. Correspondent

So far, this has been the best experience of my life. I have been to places, have met people, and have been invited to events in the past few months more than I have in my entire life! The experience was a blast and its sad that its ending. The job is so me. I love writing and shooting and although i have been doing such way before Candy, its only now I got to do so with things I actually enjoy. I am a creative and light writer. I do not fancy news and sports and the like. I like lifestyle, entertainment and opinions. Candy was able to give me all that and more! I even get paid (starting last December although I am yet to hold the check. Haha!)

We signed the contract in September so I thought it would end the same month or somewhere pretty close to that. But just recently the ad for auditions for the next batch of Correspondents came out and I knew what I thought was wrong. I wish we could still be correspondents until the new batch sign their contracts, too (which for my batch was 2-3 months after the audition) but if it would end sooner then truly all good things must come to an end.

Hopefully, my writing journey doesn't end here. I'm hoping another magazine has an opening, hmmm....

My first event - The Glee Season 2 Premiere. The best to date! ;)

Freeway's Ramon Valera Collection Launch

Candy Fair '10

Rebonding at Azta Urban Salon @ Eastwood

Interview with Andi Eigenmann

Interview with Gloc 9 @ his album launch

Interview with Tanya Markova

Interview with Jaq Dionisio of Kiss Jane

Plus i got to take these photos for my classmates who are fans!

Interview with Elmo Magalona 

and a lot more!
(Did I mention I get a lot of free stuff? Yeah, I do)

Check my stuff out here.

Who would want this to end, eh? Well it is. :/
Well its time for a new batch to enjoy the perks of being a correspondent just hope I could still live the dream after this.

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Bet said...

Just came across your blog. May I ask what you did during the 'auditions'?
I'm very interested to join. :)

Andy said...

I had to answer a questionnaire which included a review about the last book I read or movie I watched.

After, we had to stand in front of the camera one by one in front of all the editors who will you ask a bunch of questions. Then i picked two numbers which each corresponded to a question. ;)

It took 2 months for them to announce the results tho! ;)

Bet said...

I see. :) Thank you so much!