THEORY: Its not the end... yet. #3

The finale.

3. Summer Vacation + On the Job Training

Summer is fast approaching but by the looks of my schedule and list of to do's, I won't be lying around or hitting the beach as much as I wish. Summer vacations is coming to an end for me. This summer will be filled with either Thesis meetings or OJT schedules that it won't feel like the usual summer of yesteryears.

I realized that this would be the last summer vacation of my entire life! (Unless I work at a school) After college, I won't have 2-3 months off to enjoy the summer anymore. When I start working, there's no more waiting for March to escape the stress and being a couch potato 'til early June. I can feel the youth in me creep out as maturity creeps in... and no, I'm not talking about wrinkles (then again, it does fit the metaphor).

As much as I always complain about school never being over, the thought of actually bidding projects, classrooms and groupmates goodbye makes me think twice. I just try think of all the new experiences being a full adult (because as of now, I'm only half adult!) has to offer and the cash that comes with it (evil laugh and sinister look with matching fingers tapping agaist each other).

Just in case you couldn't get my description. ;)

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I want to say its not the end but I'd be lying.
Oh, goodbyes are truly bittersweet!

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