THEORY: The Best Conversations

I find that the best conversations I have are the ones I have with myself. Not because I'm all that smart or anything but because I continue to discuss with myself the things I leave unsaid. The moments of silence in between my conversations with others are when, more often than not, I'm having a subconversation with myself. Sadly, these conversations remain where they are conceived... in my head.

Just a few hours earlier, as I was chopping onion and garlic for mom, I told her that there were about 600 pictures of our Zambales trip. She told me to delete the ugly shots and I told her that I already did. Then she told me to delete the shots that are the same so my computer won't get broken (I keep complaining about how much files my computer holds!) I told her I don't want deleting photos since you'll never know when you'll need 'em. I decided not to continue the conversation with my mom since it seemed pretty pointless at that point. However, I did continue it with myself.

No two photos are alike. One photo could have half an inch bigger of a smile than the other, a centimeter more of eyes opening up or even a little more twinkle from the lights in the background. I like keeping all the photos, although they are very similar at first glance, because each of it is unique and each of it captures a unique moment. If I keep one, I will just remember the moment that that single photo captured but if I keep everything in the series of "look alike" photos, I could see the movement, the emotions, the difference between the seconds of shutter. Definitely a lot more than one photo can offer.

Moments in life worth remembering come by so quick and it is such a privilege to catch some of those moments on camera. If you were given that privilege, would you delete that? I wouldn't. Although my laptop is begging that I give up some of those moments (and I do sometimes HAVE TO give in), I still try my very best to keep everything... even resorting to burning files, acquiring hard drives or uploading to private albums.

This would have been a good conversation but it never did happen... outside my head at least. I continued to chop onions and garlic as I was told to do. But now you can tell my mom what the five minutes of silence was all about.

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