THEORY: Covers

The theory is that everyone can sing... including me.

I'm absolutely addicted to this song after hearing it at the Candy Fashion Show earlier today. I watched it online and after watching other versions of it, I decided to make a cover. Its more of a challenge on my editing know how rather than my singing talent (which I admittedly do not have). I've seen tons of singer wanna be's online who rely so much on editing softwares to make their voice sound a tad better and I thought I should give it a try.

I recorded 3 versions already and so far all of 'em are too terrible for my editing skills to handle. I did one with a  falsetto, one with a deep voice (which I thought would be easier since I have a deep voice) and one with my natural voice. They had a slight hint of tune but that was it! I was awkwardly out of beat and I couldn't hit the right notes (that is if I even know what note to hit in the first place).

However, determination is what will bring me places and determined I am to get this cover done. Summer has just began and although it is already jam packed with activities of sorts, I will make sure I make time to make this cover happen... and when it does, it will make its online debut right here.

Hoorah to determination and auto tuned voices! :D

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