THEORY: Dreams

This post has been postponed long enough.

I am such a dreamer. Its quite shocking since I am such a structured person that dreams don't seem to fit in my personality. But surprise, surprise, a dreamer I am.


Dreams are our piece of heaven while we're on earth. For me at least. I like to think that our heaven is something we create, the place we find wonderful (I think this idea came up since i just read the book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom) and I think when we dream, we create a portion of that wonderland. I find joy in knowing that something better is always ahead and dreams are our peek into that. Dreams make us feel our journey is for something worthwhile.

I think its because of this thinking that I am such a sucker for happily-ever-after flicks. I am drawn to Disney movies because you know that no matter what the hero or heroine encounters, it will all turn out alright. It feels good to know that good will always triumph over evil, that someone out there that you'll find by some magical force, will hold your hand as you both make meaning of your lives and that a random burst of song can make everything clearer. I hold on to believing that everyone learns from their mistakes, that like the characters in the movies, we become wiser after all that we've been through. And that everything has a purpose for being in our lives... that everything happens so that we can get a step closer to where we are meant to be. That losing our shoe will lead us to our true love, that giving up your voice to an evil witch for legs will turn out fine in the end, that trusting a fish with short term memory loss will get you to your missing son. Its this assurance of a happy ending that makes me believe that it just might be true for me, too.

But I don't think I'm a total looney. I've heard of people who actually lived the dream and I couldn't be happier for them. As silly as it sounds, I feel tears in the corners of my eyes when I learn about such stories - be it from an autobiographical movie, an awards show speech, a tv special or even a friend telling her story. I just watched Justin Bieber's Never Say Never and although I am not a fan, I found myself tearing up for this little kid who is making his dreams come true. I also found myself tearing up as I watched the different fashion bloggers walk down the runway during the Candy Fashion show. These girls started with nothing but a passion for beautiful clothes and there they are now, showing the world that everything was worth it (it helped that Tricia Gosingtian's blog name was that I suddenly thought about dreams coming true). I'm not sure if its the music, the dramatic slow motion or the relationship I have with the person but I know that theres something in knowing that these things actually happened. They make my belief in dreams a whole lot more concrete. They really do come true... and this person, this actress, this friend is my living proof.

I am determined to make my dream come true. What that dream is is a bit scattered as of now but when it all becomes clear, with all my blood, sweat and tears I will make it happen. I am blessed that I have someone to hold my hand while I try to reach the horizon and that I have a family who will assure me that if I'm wrong, if I make mistakes I can always try again.

One day, I wish to look back on this post and say that I was right. That while I reread this 5, 10, 50 years from now, I could say I didn't believe in some made up idea of people who had their heads in the clouds. That it took me a lot to get to where I am now but I finally did get to where I am supposed to be. That I might've lost a shoe, that I might've trusted in the wrong people, that I might've made wrong choices a long the way but I did find my true love, I did find my missing piece and I did what I set out to do. That at this point of life, I am my living proof that dreams come true and that the people around me will have something concrete to hold on to just like what the people I looked up to gave to me.

But until then, I'll be keeping my eyes wide awake and the road ahead is looking pretty good. ;)

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