THEORY: Heroes

I was never a fan of action, fantasy or sci-fi movies. The closest I ever get to a hero figure are the prince charmings or the brave heroines in Disney adventure movies. However, there is always an exception and in my case... its Spiderman.

I didn't like spidey right away. The first time I watched the movie (with Tobey Maguire), I didn't pay much attention. It was only after a year or two that I sat down and watched the movie seriously and appreciated what being Spiderman meant. Unlike other heroes, Spiderman was very human. Besides webs blurting out of his wrists, he's pretty normal. No bat caves, super cool cars or sidekicks like Batman and he doesn't have anything to do with out of this world stuff like Kryptonite from Superman. I don't know much about any of the other heroes so I might be making my judgements without proper basis but the argument I just presented  will do for now.

Anyways, I like how Spiderman is dorky and insecure without his tight fitting costume on and how he deals with money problems, love and job stability (I'm not sure if the other heroes go through this, too tho). It helps that I love how Kirsten Dunst looks (I am not very impressed with her acting but she has one of those one-of-a-kind faces) and how she plays Peter Parker's Mary Jane.

However, as do all action movies, there must be villains and outrageous ones at that - I mean Doctor Octopus, Sandman? Oh dear. And of course there must be fight scenes (amazingly choreographed, insert music... oh wait music already inserted!) The fighting scenes just ruin the movie for me since I love all the other storylines in Spiderman... but it is an action movie first and foremost so the romance and self identity issues will always have to take a back seat to testosterone filled fight scenes.

Before I take back my admiration for Spiderman, let me share this awesome song that comes with the movie (which is the reason I suddenly thought of writing this post.)

*I wonder how Peter Parker got so buff, tho. Wasn't he dorky and pushed around before he became Spiderman? Must be some work out routine. ;P

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