STORY: If you could, would you?

If ever I did get a chance to erase a part of my memory, would I? After watching the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind it got me thinking and I would say no. But if were in so much pain when I I'd be given the chance to do so, I think I would have done the same impulsive, easy-way-out decision and just erase all my pain away. How about you?

I edited scenes from the movie. ;)

Also, I read about the movie online and found out the title came from the poem "Eloise to Abelard" by Alexander Pope. It was very lengthy but I read through it anyways. Seems like the not only did the title come from the poem so did the basic idea of forgetting your loved one so one could move on.

On another note, I think forgetting a bad memory is just as difficult as trying to remember a good memory especially after a death, after years apart or even distance. These difficult things come naturally even if they hurt which makes our life the balanced mess that it is. If forgetting were that easy, just look at what happened in the film! And if remembering were that easy as well then no one would be sweet or thoughtful because everyone else is! Its better when we take the effort to remember something and do something for someone rather than just easily having all the details in our heads. I think we show we care when we remember the things the people we love share to us. They find us worthy enough of their little piece of life and we should prove to be worthy of that by remembering. That's why remembering is difficult because love is difficult. But it sure is worth it... that's why people still get married (although divorce is a whole other story).

But then again, that's just what I think.

And since we're talking about my thoughts, I think Kirsten Dunst's (who is also in the movie) beauty is just divine. Her face is truly unique. hHer eyes that seem to be fallinga sleep all the time and the little fangs that show off when she smiles are exactly what makes her stand out. ;) (The pretty hair do helps a lot, too!)

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