STORY: My Wedding Vow

I keep thinking of my wedding vow these days. And before your questioning mind blows up, let me clear a few things before I proceed with the story... and rest assured that getting married is not a part of it.

So what led me to writing my wedding vow?

1. This is not because of the Royal Wedding craze which everyone is apparently still in. My obsession with writing my wedding vow is actually due to my viewing of Tuesday Vargas' wedding video which was absolutely lovely. I watched it countless times (actually about 12 times which is countable but you get my point) yet I still feel the butterflies in my stomach and the tears in the corners of my eyes each time I do.

2. I keep obsessing over my feet... which apparently led me to drafting my wedding vow in the invisible notepad in my head. I've rewritten it so many times I've memorized the first few lines... or at least the gist of it. So, you may ask, how in the world did her feet lead her to think of wedding bells and I do's? Well, I'll be telling you that in a while.

3. I reread a blog of mine from 2008 and apparently, I have been thinking of the same thoughts back then just not as a wedding vow but simply a declaration of love to someone.

I guess the wedding feel of watching Tuesday Vargas' wedding video (+ many other wedding videos of other celebrities and non-celebrities which Karen and I had the liberty of having a marathon of) and looking back at my yesteryear thoughts on love led up to me drafting a wedding vow. And it isn't an urge you get everyday so might as well give in to it (sadly, the urge to eat isn't as rare so I must learn not to give in to that)

So the story begins in the shower (boy, this story is sounding stranger by the paragraph, huh? And my occasional injection of "parenthesis" thoughts isn't helping so I'll stop that now). I was trying to dance along to the song I was painfully trying to get in tune. It may have been the echo from the tiled floors or the water from the shower getting into my mouth or something but I was sure the beat of the song wasn’t right which is why I couldn’t dance very well to it. Or it could be because I could neither sing nor dance to save my life. Anyways, I suddenly thought of the line “two left feet” and started to dwell on that. Who first came up with such idiom? I then started to use it in different sentences and in different situations and finally ended up talking about the purpose of God behind it all. (See how weird the shifts in my mind are? I said I would stop this but apparently I can’t!) I thought if people who can’t see are given stronger sense of hearing and people who are mentally challenged given extraordinary talent, what could have God planned out for people with two left feet. And the answer hit me and I just obsessed on that for days.

What was the answer? Well, if God gave someone two left feet, he probably gave two right feet to another, right? Where else would my right feet have gone and where else would my extra left come from? I laughed at the idea at first but as I thought of it some more, it actually made sense. God intentionally gave me two left feet so that I could search for my missing half of the pair which is with someone who is in turn is searching for his missing half of a pair as well. And as we both stumble, trip and fail with the mismatched pair of feet we have we will finally meet in the middle and realize the reason to it all. That we were mismatched so we can be motivated to find our each other and that everything truly has a purpose in the world. That apart we couldn’t dance to save our life but together we move with harmony… and nothing could feel more natural.

To be continued. Part 2 here.

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