THEORY: My Wedding Vow ;)

So here is the much delayed follow up blog to the previous post.

My Wedding Vow

I have always been one to enjoy writing speeches and now that I finally got the stage to deliver one, pardon me if I make the most out of it. In short, this is going to be pretty long... but how many times will you get married, right? So you understand. ;)

I have never been the easiest person to deal with. I am moody, stubborn and bossy and sometimes I find myself having difficulty thinking of something likeable about myself. But you came along... so there must be something I'm missing out on that someone as caring, sweet and loving as you found something worth loving in me. I'd rather not question the situation and just choose to enjoy the blessing that is marrying you.

Another thing I don't question is my inability to bust a move. And I'm sure you know that by now since we would be the only ones sitting in a corner while everyone else would be on the dance floor doing their thing. I remember everyone look at us thinking we were uncool or not enjoying ourselves at a party, when what we actually did was find each other. As we sat there trying to look comfortable being different in the crowd of teenagers acting like teenagers, my two left feet finally met your two right ones and it made sense... everything made sense. No longer did I try hard to fit in and do the things people our age defined was fun because I knew I was right where I'm supposed to be and I couldn't be happier. We never did drink and get drunk, we tried to smoke but never did like it, we tried to party but always ended up watching a movie instead. The harder we tried to do what they were doing, the more we realized we didn't want to do any of it. What was the point? Alone I would have never realized that but with you, it was clear. I'm having the best time of my life being with you so everything else didn't seem to matter. We enjoy McDonald's take-out, we never get tired of talking on the phone, we like eating a lot, we love your pet dogs Tracy and Sam who have become a vital part of our relationship just as JoeDy and Jorja have become, we love our alone time, we love the quiet, we love each other. This would be the perfect time to say everything was beautiful after that but it wasn't. FInding you was the beginning of a lot more discoveries.

We argued about a lot of things eventhough we agreed on a lot. I can't stand how you would splurge on cars and you can't stand how I can waste 5 hours window shopping. I can't stand how you are so uptight and serious and can't take a joke while you can't stand how childish and loud and moody I could be. I can't stand how you act like you're the king of the road and using all sorts of big names to get out of something and you can't stand how I act like a bratty princess and storm out when I don't get what I want. But what I can't stand even more is not having you call me up random times of the day when you know I'm mad about not having something go my way, not having you pick me up after work even if I insist on commuting just so you're sure I get home safe and not having someone as cuddly as you to get mad at for being too wonderful to hate. I can't stand standing here knowing that I'm marrying anyone else but you.

Just as my two left feet made sense with your two right feet, so does this moment. The hair, the makeup, the gown and the adorable tie I begged you to wear which makes you all the more lovely to look at are just pleasant additions to the dream I'm living out right now and will continue to live out with you. And somewhere down the line when we  get lost in the reality of bills, work and crying babies, we have this moment to look back to when it all made sense. And isn't that what we all need?

Just in case what I just said made no sense, maybe because of the shaking of my voice due to my excitement, joy or nervousness, I'll sum it up to this: You and I together makes sense now and it will forever. I love you and I always will. Let's do this!

I know from now until the day I get married which I'm hoping is not earlier than 27, this wedding vow will change, the person I'm giving the vow to might change (hope not!) or I might change my view on life as well... but at this point in time, this wedding vow is real. And no matter what happens down the line, these feelings, these words, this relationship I'm in makes sense and it won't ever change and that's just how it should be.

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