THEORY: Not someone's girlfriend or wife

Screen shot of Yahoo news
I am not a fan of Bieber or Gomez but it really pisses me off that Selena Gomez, who was famous even before Bieber, is now known to be Bieber's girlfriend. She's an actress, a singer, an entrepreneur among other things but the best the headlines can come up with is Bieber's girlfriend like that is what defines her these days. 

And this is true for all female celebrities who are with a famous guy as well (i.e. Rihanna became Brown's girlfriend). It doesn't matter if they are talented on their own, if they are famous on their own or if they even make money on their own, once they have a "man in their life," none of that is headline worthy. All that stuff get their spot in the body of the story which not everyone are patient enough to read. This is just plain unfair.

So if women what their men to be called "Someone's boyfriend" they must date someone who is either unknown or not rich... Its sad this is what women have to deal with these days. 

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