Story: Dream Dog

Welcome to the family, Gibs!
I just had to post this now while the feeling is still fresh. The dog I've been dreaming off ever since I first watched  Homeward Bound and saw the beautiful golden haired dog, is finally in my hands. It’s just a mere 5 weeks old but it’s looking pretty big to me. I hope it'll be as tall as those in dog commercials or like the one in the flick Marley and Me. 

I was never really a fan of pets. I liked the idea of a pet but never really liked all the hard stuff that came along with it which I had a very brief chance of experiencing as I was a pet owner to a dog that died in its first few months. After that, being a pet owner was a dream I never really wanted to make reality. Its one of those dreams you just like to keep that way, a dream.

All of that changed however 2 years ago when Jose got his first dog, Tracy. I was the very first one to hold her when Jose and I picked her up at the pet shop and I remember clearly that I actually cried when I held her. She was so tiny and furry and all too cute for any of my squeals to suffice. That moment, I was a convert.

The upper left photo is the very first time I held the little rascal. The other two shots are from her first visit to the vet. ;)

I've seen Tracy grow up and in that time I finally understood what the bond between the pet and the owner was all about. I always thought movies exaggerated the love of pets and owners thing but boy was I wrong. Although I wasn't the "amo" of Tracy, I was a close second. She knows my scent from outside the house and she would run after me and wouldn't stop until I shake her paw and pat her head. Every time I came to visit she would greet me and would bark at me when I pretend not to see her. 

When the new dog came, Sam, we all noticed what a jealous dog Tracy was. She was very possessive of Jose and I that every time we played with Sam she'd find a way to squeeze herself in between. If that didn't work, she'd try to pull Sam away by playing with him and then when they've gone far enough from Jose and I she'd leave Sam and run back to the two of us. If that didn't work, she'd just bark at us and she would show you those angry eyes that you don't really want to see. 

All grown up
Anyway, in the 2 years that I've been a converted pet lover, I've longed for a dog of my own and I knew just what kind of dog I wanted. Dad started talking about finally getting a dog (my mom has asthma so that's one of the main reasons we never did have pets) around October of 2010 and after months of saying "Next month, the dog will be here" I got tired of waiting and getting disappointed every time another month would pass. But alas! The dog is finally here and I can't be any happier. 

Welcome to the family, Gibs! I hope to share as much stories about you as I have about Tracy and Sam (Don't worry Tracy and Sam, you won't ever be forgotten let's just give the newcomer the attention for a while. Hihi) :)

Theory: Focus on Me

It is true. You look to your left and you're better than someone, you look to your right and someone is better than you. Either way it just screws your head and doesn't help you get to where you're going. So its best to just look forward, and you might just reach your destination with less self-esteem issues.
Looking straight ahead