Sometimes what's important is not one's ability to do something but one's willingness to do so. At this moment I just feel tired and I don't really know why. I haven't done much lately and compared to my previous school year's activities, I should be feeling way more relaxed now. I think I just lost that fire somewhere leaving me dried and without drive to do anything. The slightest amount of work makes me feel drained and simply tired.

I need to find that fire quick or I'll have to make a new one myself. If cavemen were able to discover it, I'm pretty sure I can, too.


So this is the first PSA in my series 10. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, click here.

So I wanted to do a PSA with very little location and I think I overdid it with this one since the entire PSA takes place in one spot! Well, I won't be explaining what the PSA means since I'm hoping the message is clear enough to do away with any further of that. Here it is:

PSA #1 - Environment

I have used this music countless times since its the only music I OWN. I wish I knew someone who could score music for me for FREE. I had to pay for this instrumental when I had it made for my short film last, last year. Anyways, the music isn't what I would've wanted it to be but it will have to do.

Some behind the scenes action:

Getting the lighting just right is quite frustrating especially when you start to feel the heat from all of the halogens.

Gotta make sure the talent is all prettified.

Aaaah, directing. ;)

The Director of Photography, the Talent, and the Director. (May ganon?) ;)

Waiting for voice over recording. Diva?

STORY: Project PSA

I have been frustrated these past weeks as I did a look back at my last 3 years in college. Honestly, I felt I did pretty well during that time seeing that a lot of people could recognize me now (that must mean something, you know!) compared to my high school years but I was so wrong. I haven't won anything besides a stint at and other than my post at student council, I hardly have anything to show. It doesn't help that they made a review of last year's achievers (which included my floral poster of my candy mag win which made me feel even more inferior as it was shown beside "big time winners"). Its like I'm going thru midlife crisis just way, way earlier. 

Anyway, after being depressed for a while I decided to do something that would help me change my situation and if ever it doesn't change my losing streak (okay, let's just call it "winless streak" so it would sound less like I'm pitying my self which I actually am but never mind) then at the very least, it keeps me distracted from those "big time winners."

What action have I decided to take? I'm glad you asked. I decided to embark on Project PSA. Its simple. I intend to make 10 PSA's on the following topics in the next 30 days. 
  • Environment
  • Nationalism
  • Women
  • Respect for Life
  • Culture
  • Piracy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Education
  • Corruption
  • Disaster preparedness
I know its really ambitious of me to squeeze in such a task as this with all the other stuff I have to do for school but my self esteem can't be put on hold any longer. If there is one thing I learned from all the Tyra, ANTM, and reality shows (like Biggest Loser) I've tirelessly watched is that you have to believe in yourself before other people believe in you. You have to work on you and no time is better than now.(And seriously, the pressure is on. My time in college is going by pretty quick!)

Why Project PSA? Well, first they're easier to make since they are just a few seconds long. I can think of ideas for it and execute it in time to reach my 30 day goal. Also, I want to submit some of my work (if they end up pretty good) in contests. I have really wanted to join a lot in the past but by the time I find out about the contests, the deadline is already very near leaving me no time to make an entry. So this is some sort of a piggy bank of entries just in case I might need them. And if ever I do end up with useless junk (that are not contest worthy), it would still be a fun thing to do and good practice at editing, writing and directing at that. Its a win-win thing... too bad these kinds of winning don't really count in resumes but I know it counts somewhere and I'm okay with that for now.

So let Project PSA begin! :)