So this is the first PSA in my series 10. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, click here.

So I wanted to do a PSA with very little location and I think I overdid it with this one since the entire PSA takes place in one spot! Well, I won't be explaining what the PSA means since I'm hoping the message is clear enough to do away with any further of that. Here it is:

PSA #1 - Environment

I have used this music countless times since its the only music I OWN. I wish I knew someone who could score music for me for FREE. I had to pay for this instrumental when I had it made for my short film last, last year. Anyways, the music isn't what I would've wanted it to be but it will have to do.

Some behind the scenes action:

Getting the lighting just right is quite frustrating especially when you start to feel the heat from all of the halogens.

Gotta make sure the talent is all prettified.

Aaaah, directing. ;)

The Director of Photography, the Talent, and the Director. (May ganon?) ;)

Waiting for voice over recording. Diva?

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