STORY: Johnny Rockets

I've been to a number of burger joints and Johnny Rockets is by far the coolest. From the glass panes you could see that the interior is based on the old style diners inside those trailers. It has the chrome counter top with bright colored bar stools. They had checkered black and white tiles, a working jukebox and servers dressed just as the old waiters and waitresses would. One of the waiters even had the coin dispenser around her waist just like I see in the movies! I had my 10 peso coin changed into 1 peso coins just so I could tinker with the jukebox. I played about 8 songs only since I had no idea what the other songs on the machine were.

Jose checking out the jukebox with actual records in it (of course they aren't original ones but it looks the same!)

The mini juke boxes in each table. You just need to drop a 1-peso coin, punch in the code of the song you want from the song choices, then boom. Your song plays in the whole resto.

The servers danced twice for the entire duration of our meal. Hihi.

All their meals come with unlimited fries and when you order drinks, its unlimited too! :)

The food wasn't extraordinary but I would definitely like to come back. Its the whole dining experience I'm after and that makes up for the so-so food. I've had better burgers, fries, and chili dogs (although their milkshake was really good) but I ain't complaining. I got dancing servers while I dig into my chili dog, what more can I ask for?

THEORY: Pokemon

I am not a fan of Pokemon and of any other anime at that. But strangely enough, I memorize (and like) the theme song and even know some of the characters. Maybe its a 90'skid  thing.

I remember having text (the play cards) with the characters printed on it. I would play with text even if I didn't really enjoy it. Heck, I even played with marbles at one point. Oh, childhood. I wish I didn't ask for you to go by so soon.


I like clothes, shoes and bags as much as the next girl but I wouldn't consider myself a fashionista. I just wear what I think looks good but I am in no way an expert at it. If see other girls wear a top like that, and shoes like this and I think it fits my personality, then I just wear a similar ensemble. But I couldn't really come up with my own outfit and wear it without feeling really nervous that I would make myself look like a total fool. Sometimes I try to and at that moment it looks pretty okay. But when I look back at my photos I go, "What the hell was I thinking?"

So now I stick to styles I'm comfortable with. I have looks for each occasion in my head and I simply pattern all my outfits to that image. Call it pegs, if you wish. But that doesn't mean I'll be wearing the same thing all the time because that would be ugh (I couldn't even find an adjective to describe the horror of wearing the same clothes over and over and over). I would still like to wear a diverse number of styles but I would stick, let say, to the same color palette as the image in my head. Or if I would like to change the colors in the image in my head, then I would stick to the same style. Some thing like that.

Anyway, the point of this blog is: I have found a shop where I feel most comfortable buying clothes in. I feel that whatever I pick up there would be something I would be comfortable wearing and it would fit the images in my head. And that shop is Bayo. I just came across this link on FB and I just love a lot of the items. In fact, I just got one dress from there about 2 weeks ago (on sale) and found out it was featured on a magazine! :)

I am not very girly but I like dresses and this one is just the right amount of girl I can tolerate. :)

I am a fan of stripes and denim shorts. I would have liked the browns to be red tho. Hmmm

I love layers. I like wearing cardigans and jackets so much that I wish the climate in the Philippines would permit me to do so. Also, I saw the mustard version of those sandals and they are way better than the red ones (but I do like the red one, too)

I didn't know Bayo had a sister store. Might check it out one time. I am loving that top. :)

STORY: Hair Freak

Randon Fact # 4

I love fixing hair.

Ironically, I have terrible hair. I have had it rebonded countless times and now that its permanently curled, I think my hair has finally seen the light. I always thought that my hair was doomed to be the terrible mess that it is but a ray of hope came to me and now my hair is pretty presentable.

Anyways, back to my love for fixing hair. Ever since I was a little girl, I would braid the hair of my dolls or my yayas. When mommy got pregnant with her 3rd child (I was 8 then), I was really praying that the baby be a girl just so I could have someone's hair to fix. And as I pictured it out, when the baby came out (it is a girl) the first few years of her life were filled with different outrageous hairstyles. The best part is that she enjoys showing her hair of rainbow colored clips and scrunchies. :)

STORY: Flash back

Biking with my sister, Allea. Tito Archie in photo.
For my Lolo's 69th birthday, we had an intimate celebration at their home in Laguna. This visit is actually pretty special since I haven't gone there for a visit in months! I believe the last time I went to Laguna was New Year's Eve. This is a sad realization, actually since way back in high school and during the first months of college, we would go there every weekend. We wouldn't do anything special, just walk around, watch tv, and eat, eat, eat but it was a nice break from the busy days we had here in Manila. As the years went by, I started passing on the visits since I found it boring and I had more exciting things to do in Manila (this was the time I had my first boyfriend). I just let my mom, brother and sisters go ahead without me. Eventually, they too just stopped visiting altogether. I didn't really notice that we stopped visiting until last weekend when I observed that a lot has changed in the neighborhood I used to be oh so familiar with.

I am not one to embrace growing up and moving on, really. Despite the notions I form in others that I am a reformer of sorts, I am not. I am pretty clingy and attached to things that seeing things go or change hurts me a little. As I walked through the street, I felt sad that I had grown up all too soon. As a kid I felt this same street would stretch forever. It would seemed like a great journey to walk from my grandma's house to my cousin's but now it takes a little over 50 steps (I think?) The houses seemed smaller and boring now unlike when I was a child when I and the other kids would treat each house as a hiding place (that is if we knew the people who owned the houses). The barking of dogs seemed scarier then and the lack of light posts posed a great threat that we would rush home before it was too scary to. 

Laguna was the only place I felt like a REAL child. Growing up in the city didn't allow me to play patintero, hide and seek, hopscotch, 5-10 and all the other street games. Despite the obvious lack of play area (since the roads in the city are filled with cars 24/7), I also didn't have any friends to play with. In Laguna, I was given a chance to do what the city limited me to do. I also felt that in Laguna I had found people I could call 'kababata' which I was really desperate to have (being a fan of the TV show Lizzie McGuire where Lizzie and Gordo practically grew up together). Of course, my siblings and I were the "foreigners" and were treated as "saling-ketket' at first but they eventually warmed up to us. I felt that we were just as part of the neighborhood as my cousins. Everyone knew who we were and we also knew everyone in the block. I have a lot of fond memories as a child in Laguna that there was a time I wished we would move there. But in the years to come I would find this thought silly. My playmates started going to college one by one and were less available to hang out each weekend. The Laguna I found joy in suddenly felt like an empty space that the city looked way more fun to be in in comparison. 

That being said, my last trip was a day of flash backs. The group of children (the generation next to ours mostly made up of the younger siblings of the kids I used to play with) playing in the street the way I used to with my playmates made the nostalgia even worse. I also got to bike around the whole village, too and I would tell my sister stories of what we did in each of the blocks we passed in. I still remember the village by heart and I could feel something in my throat as I thought of it. It was a bittersweet bike ride but I'm awfully glad I took it. :)


I know I said I would produce 10 PSA's in a month's time but that is clearly not happening. Might as well modify Project PSA into 10 PSA's in my lifetime. Now that seems to be a pretty achievable task, right?
So here is PSA # 2 (at last)

So this PSA is the fruit of cramming. My original PSA which I devoted a day to shooting ended up terribly and the perfectionist that I am couldn't stand submitting something I wasn't proud of. So, I thought hard and quickly of a new PSA topic that was easy to produce and this is the result. The lighting was easy, hardly no production design and most of all, the most behaved talents. I shot this is about 30 minutes and edited it for about an hour. Not bad, eh? :)


STORY: The Curse

It really gets pretty irritating how everything always ends up on my shoulders. I don't know if this is a problem I share with others out there or its something I'm going through alone but whichever of the above it is, it sucks that I have to experience it. 

This "curse" has been on me ever since I can remember. Without me noticing, I end up leading a group (which is a good thing for me). I make the calls, I facilitate meetings or discussions and I am the spokesperson of the group. However, at one point I become the sole "doer" of the group. Everyone waits for me to move before they do. If they're late to a meeting, the meeting proceeds but if I'm late (which happens rarely) or can't attend at all, the meeting doesn't go on or is delayed until I arrive! Many times do I get disappointed that after an hour of meeting ahead (since I'm still busy with another thing), they just start to get down to business when I get there. What a total waste of time, right?

Without them attending meetings or submitting their part, they can come to class confident that the group could present something. The burden to make sure that that happens always falls on me... each and every time. There are a few times that I force myself not to care about the group and simply do my part. One time, I let somebody else compile the group's work, and let someone else coordinate with the other members but that didn't end up so well. I ended up getting to class and finding out that no one took the initiative. No one assigned me to do the job nor did I tell them that I have accepted the responsibility in the first place so I shouldn't I feel bad for not doing the task, right? But they just assumed that I would do it... like always. So I felt somehow this is a problem I had to fix FOR THEM. In the end, I still was the one who made the presentation and just as the teacher/professor got in. 

There are also instances when I would shut up in a discussion and let others facilitate. Sometimes I feel that others think I'm hogging the spotlight and that I'm always taking command so I try to keep a low profile BUT the discussion goes no where! Everybody just keeps going around in circles! They keep saying "so we do this" or "we will write that down" but no one actually does it! When writing a paragraph or a script, everyone would describe the gist of it or describe what its suppose to say but no one actually starts writing or dictating the exact words to write down... I end up doing that time and time again.

I don't know if the feeling is just in my mind or its something that really is happening. I do hope its just in my head... and has been in my head for the past decade so I could start working on rewiring my brain. But if it really is happening, then I really don't know how to end the curse. It just gets so tiring and frustrating sometimes. Its sad that I don't have someone to count on like others could count on me delivering each time. Its sad that I don't have the opportunity to relax and be carefree when its group work since I'm always the first and last to be working. I envy my groupmates who could just do their part and wait for the final product without a worry. When can I be that, too? I want to chill, too you know? 

Please let this curse end. Please.

STORY: Tell me When Its Over

Surprisingly, I've been getting hooked on old favorites. And today, from the world where random thoughts are born, this song found its way into my head and refuses to leave!

I even remember (faintly) watching this video on Cartoon network some years back. For now, please excuse me while i get back to my singing... All the things that I used to say, All the words that got in the way, All the things I used to know have gone out the window...

STORY: Fan girl

Random Fact # 3

I am a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan.

The fandom began when I first watched Parent Trap when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Years later, while watching Freaky Friday on VCD, I felt that the lead girl was familiar so I searched her name on the internet and found out that it was the same girl from Parent Trap! My earlier belief that the little girl I was idolizing was a twin was just the believable acting of Lindsay Lohan all along. :)

I've seen all of her films (that I know of, except where she plays a stripper because I have yet to get my hands on that film) and I still find her talented and beautiful as ever. Its just sad she's putting it all to waste with all the stuff she's doing to herself.

I like her with her famous red hair. Its sad she keeps dying it.

 P.S. Inspired by reading the Diary of Anne Frank, I named my diary back then "Linds." How's that for a super fan? ;)

STORY: No filling

Random fact #2

I am not fond of fillings. I don't like it in donuts or chocolates (unless the filling is chocolate). However, there is one filling that I dislike the most: caramel.

I hate it anywhere! I don't like it messing up a good chocolate bar, a perfectly blended frappucino or a wonderfully moist cake! When I taste that hint of caramel, I either discontinue eating, or stop to scrape all the caramel off.

STORY: Can't fight this feeling

Ramdom fact #1

My favorite song for about 3 years now (and my ringtone) is Can't Fight this Feeling by REO Speedwagon (which Glee also made a cover of). I don't shift favorites all too often like most people. I'm loyal like that. ;)

The 4 years before Can't fight this Feeling became my top pick, my favorite was Crazy for You by Madonna! For the time that it was my favorite, it doubled as my ringtone, too!