I like clothes, shoes and bags as much as the next girl but I wouldn't consider myself a fashionista. I just wear what I think looks good but I am in no way an expert at it. If see other girls wear a top like that, and shoes like this and I think it fits my personality, then I just wear a similar ensemble. But I couldn't really come up with my own outfit and wear it without feeling really nervous that I would make myself look like a total fool. Sometimes I try to and at that moment it looks pretty okay. But when I look back at my photos I go, "What the hell was I thinking?"

So now I stick to styles I'm comfortable with. I have looks for each occasion in my head and I simply pattern all my outfits to that image. Call it pegs, if you wish. But that doesn't mean I'll be wearing the same thing all the time because that would be ugh (I couldn't even find an adjective to describe the horror of wearing the same clothes over and over and over). I would still like to wear a diverse number of styles but I would stick, let say, to the same color palette as the image in my head. Or if I would like to change the colors in the image in my head, then I would stick to the same style. Some thing like that.

Anyway, the point of this blog is: I have found a shop where I feel most comfortable buying clothes in. I feel that whatever I pick up there would be something I would be comfortable wearing and it would fit the images in my head. And that shop is Bayo. I just came across this link on FB and I just love a lot of the items. In fact, I just got one dress from there about 2 weeks ago (on sale) and found out it was featured on a magazine! :)

I am not very girly but I like dresses and this one is just the right amount of girl I can tolerate. :)

I am a fan of stripes and denim shorts. I would have liked the browns to be red tho. Hmmm

I love layers. I like wearing cardigans and jackets so much that I wish the climate in the Philippines would permit me to do so. Also, I saw the mustard version of those sandals and they are way better than the red ones (but I do like the red one, too)

I didn't know Bayo had a sister store. Might check it out one time. I am loving that top. :)

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