STORY: Fan girl

Random Fact # 3

I am a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan.

The fandom began when I first watched Parent Trap when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Years later, while watching Freaky Friday on VCD, I felt that the lead girl was familiar so I searched her name on the internet and found out that it was the same girl from Parent Trap! My earlier belief that the little girl I was idolizing was a twin was just the believable acting of Lindsay Lohan all along. :)

I've seen all of her films (that I know of, except where she plays a stripper because I have yet to get my hands on that film) and I still find her talented and beautiful as ever. Its just sad she's putting it all to waste with all the stuff she's doing to herself.

I like her with her famous red hair. Its sad she keeps dying it.

 P.S. Inspired by reading the Diary of Anne Frank, I named my diary back then "Linds." How's that for a super fan? ;)

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