STORY: Hair Freak

Randon Fact # 4

I love fixing hair.

Ironically, I have terrible hair. I have had it rebonded countless times and now that its permanently curled, I think my hair has finally seen the light. I always thought that my hair was doomed to be the terrible mess that it is but a ray of hope came to me and now my hair is pretty presentable.

Anyways, back to my love for fixing hair. Ever since I was a little girl, I would braid the hair of my dolls or my yayas. When mommy got pregnant with her 3rd child (I was 8 then), I was really praying that the baby be a girl just so I could have someone's hair to fix. And as I pictured it out, when the baby came out (it is a girl) the first few years of her life were filled with different outrageous hairstyles. The best part is that she enjoys showing her hair of rainbow colored clips and scrunchies. :)

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