STORY: Johnny Rockets

I've been to a number of burger joints and Johnny Rockets is by far the coolest. From the glass panes you could see that the interior is based on the old style diners inside those trailers. It has the chrome counter top with bright colored bar stools. They had checkered black and white tiles, a working jukebox and servers dressed just as the old waiters and waitresses would. One of the waiters even had the coin dispenser around her waist just like I see in the movies! I had my 10 peso coin changed into 1 peso coins just so I could tinker with the jukebox. I played about 8 songs only since I had no idea what the other songs on the machine were.

Jose checking out the jukebox with actual records in it (of course they aren't original ones but it looks the same!)

The mini juke boxes in each table. You just need to drop a 1-peso coin, punch in the code of the song you want from the song choices, then boom. Your song plays in the whole resto.

The servers danced twice for the entire duration of our meal. Hihi.

All their meals come with unlimited fries and when you order drinks, its unlimited too! :)

The food wasn't extraordinary but I would definitely like to come back. Its the whole dining experience I'm after and that makes up for the so-so food. I've had better burgers, fries, and chili dogs (although their milkshake was really good) but I ain't complaining. I got dancing servers while I dig into my chili dog, what more can I ask for?

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