STORY: New Flavor

This week has been awesome to me. I was able to accomplish everything I had to do. Since the school year started, I've been all over the place juggling all my commitments (Environment Society President, Editor-in-Chief of PAx, AVP Short Film, HW's and of course, Thesis) so imagine my delight when I checked my to do list today and found that... wait for it.... I had a free day! :) (Although I did have shoot with Peachy in the morning but we wrapped up before lunch)

I've gone to movies and dinner dates the past months, a lot of times I might add, despite my busy schedule but those were usually just last minute/tentative/lets-see-if-I-finish-early types when I have 3-4 hours to spare. Today, I had all the time that I want. I was even able to grab an ice cream and enjoy eating it. I didn't rush to finish my dinner or check my watch when I got out of the cinema. Boy, it is true that you appreciate the simple things more when its been taken away from you.

I'm extremely grateful I finally got a day off. Thank you God! :)

By the way, I tried to be a little adventurous and had ice cream flavors from FIC which I've never had before: Black Sesame and Avocado. The Avocado was great, it tasted like I was eating real avocadoes (yum) while the black sesame was okay but I wouldn't want to go back for more.

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