STORY: Picture to Burn

I am not a Swiftie (a Taylor Swift fan) but as I do with any other artist, there are one or two songs from her that I find myself listening and humming to. And today, I stumbled upon this song and I have been listening to it on replay for the last hour or two.

It is very country (with the accent and the ukulele) but not the hill billy type which reminds me of square dancing, checkered polos, and hay stacks. This video is actually pretty bad ass just made a little sweet to fit the whole goodie goodie image of Ms. Swift.

Also, I found one comment really funny.

I've seen Carrie Underwood's video where she does smash her cheating boyfriend's car but have yet to see Kelly's. It makes me pretty scared of country girls... they ain't as sweet as they package themselves to be after all. Haha!

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