THEORY: Inpspired to inspire

I am a super fan of WongFu Productions. In fact, I got my love for filmmaking back because of them. There was a time that I had actually given up hope at filmmaking and lost the desire in creating them... but I think fate allowed me to stumble upon these 3 guys so my passion won't burn out.

I admit, I am far from achieving what they've done but it is inspiring to know that these guys started out where I am now... with a camera and a love for telling stories. There are still many times that I lose motivation to make videos (one is that no one really watches them), but when I watch their shorts (which are all very heartwarming and sweet and definitely my taste -- I am not a fan of dark and morbid stories) I never fail to get pulled back in.

More than juts making movies, the real reason I like to make videos is to affect the viewers. I like the feeling of knowing that someone who watches my video is changed for the better... even at least motivated to think in a different light. I am inspired every time I see a film and that film influences me a lot albeit not in obvious ways. I'd like to be able to do that someday. I really hope I do.

I believe the course I'm taking, Advertising, is the right track for me to achieve my dream. I know it means I won't be making films but it would still be videos. And ads are even more powerful (although you may argue) since it is ever present, short and timely. It could influence the audience far greater and I'm crossing my fingers that I could do that. And in 30 seconds tops.

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