STORY: Trick or Treating with the girls

I decided to join my mom and sisters on their trick or treat thing (which they have been doing for 3 years or so already) today at Robinsons. They didn't go full on costume this year (the past years they would really prepare costumes to wear) so Amanda just had a witch hat/devil's horn headband on her head alternately. Allea would wear whatever headpiece Amanda wasn't wearing. However, Amanda did wear a real nice gothic-y skirt so it did pass for a costume (in some level).

We came in pretty late so a lot of the activities were already over. We just caught the other kids going from shop to shop to ask for candies. Amanda just joined in and started handing her pumpkin container to whatever store we would pass by. Some gave candies, same said they already run out and some just didn't participate (boo!)

My little sister is becoming more of a teenager everyday! She didn't wear a costume this year just the witch hat. 
I love how my mom is always so game for all of these kid activities (although I am embarrassed about her "game" attitude sometimes, I'm glad she is that way... if she weren't, I and my sisters would have missed out on a lot of fun activities during our childhood)
After hopping from store to store, we headed to my sisters and mom's weekly hangout (yes, they do go to this place on a regular basis) - Tom's World. They even have strategies for some of the games already. Anyway, Allea played the Dance Dance Revo and I watched her. I never tried this game (although this became a hit a few years back) but I have always wanted to. I was always too shy to try it since people would gather and watch whoever is playing. But today, I got really excited as I watched Allea stomp on those arrows... so excited that I had her put a few more tokens in and we played the game together. 

Boy! I've been missing a lot all of these years. Will play the game again next time! 

Tired and ready to eat!

 After getting really exhausted from all the walking and playing, we looked for a place to eat. And yes, we ended up at another regular of my sisters and mom (they hang out a lot together, you know) - Kangaroo Jack. Mom kept raving about their Fish and Chips and they were quite good. What I loved really was the sauce that came with it - yum!

Amanda digging into her fish and chips!
With sister dear, Allea
(Clockwise L-R) Calamares, Bangus ala Kieve (mine, which was delicious! Especially the beshamel sauce which  I wanted more of!), another shot of my plate, fish and chips
We bought some food for take out for daddy and Enzo who were left at home. After that we headed out to find a cab ride home. It was nice that there were no lines for the taxi so we hopped in right away. 

We saw this on the way out. Isn't it so cute?

It was a fun and tiring day. I used to go out with my family all the time so this was a real nice activity to do again. :)

(Advanced) Happy Halloween everyone! (For me, its happy birthday as well. Yey!)

STORY: My SemBreak Life

This has been my life for the past days and its just pure joy. You just can't see it in my eyes right now since its either sleeping or feeling sleepy all the time but trust me, I'm happy. :)

Weeeeeeeeeeee. Plus, there is a lot of eating going on. This is the life. Hihi


STORY: Friends

I'm not the friendliest person you'll meet and I admit that. This is why I don't wonder about my friend list (the real life one and not the one on Facebook or any other online site) being very short. So short in fact that I think the people I consider (and have considered, included) friends is just 5 (or less, even). 

I take my relationships with people seriously. I like to use words to label people's relationships to me accurately. Meaning, being my classmate, an acquaintance, a chat mate, a co-officer, a colleague, and a friend are all very different things. I treat people based on the "status" they have in my life hence not everybody knows me the same. 

For me, "friend" is a big word. Its side by side with boyfriend in my book. You won't go around declaring someone is your boyfriend if you aren't 100% sure this is true and that the other party agrees with this, right? In my case, the same is true for friends. I like to make sure the people I call friends consider me a friend, too. And promise, once we get the "label' thing down, I'm going to be the most loyal, going-the-extra-mile, supportive, helpful and whatever-else-you-want-me-to-be friend. (Maybe this is why I like to keep a few friends, so each of them gets quality me.)

Anyway, part of this short list of people I call friends finally decided to go down from the mountains and spend some quality time with me. Actually, she's been visiting a lot but we never really get the chance to meet with schedule conflict and such. But since semestral break is in full swing, we finally got our long overdue date.

Christine (who I call Singherz <--- since her last name is Singh), moved to Antipolo around 3 years ago. She used to live just a few streets away from me so her moving was a big change. We went to the same high school and we met way back during sophomore year. We would go home from school together since we would take the same jeepney ride home. Along the way we would laugh and talk about everything (well, in high school, "everything" usually means boys, school, self-identity issues and more boys although Singherz has always been the anti-girly type and the resident booksnake <-- because worm does not suffice). 

Anyway, during the first year of her moving, we would still text and call each other and she would visit a few times. But as time went by, we both got busy, our chats became more seldom and a lot of visits never happened. However, thanks to Facebook, I never really felt a gap. Our rendezvous today is testament to that since we acted like we were never apart (and note that the last time we went out was 2 years ago!)

Our date started out with my dad telling us to take a cab instead of him driving us (oh well, he gave me cab fare naman eh). It took us a good 30 minutes to get one but at least we kick started our catching up while we waited.

Mom gave me the last 2 of 10 tickets to Greenbelt Cinemas so we both got to watch a movie for free. We ended up watching Paranormal Activity 3 since the only other choice was Praybeyt Benjamin which I already saw the day before with Jose. Plus, with Singherz being a horror fan, PA3 was the way to go.

I told Singherz today was my treat (with my birthday coming up this weekend, this was like my birthday treat as well) so I bought us some movie snacks before we got into the cinema. Singherz got a lemonade, I got an iced tea and we shared a bucket of popcorn and a bag of Sour cream and onion Lays.

We we were amazingly just in time for the film by the way. The movie starts at 3:15 and we got to Greenbelt at 3:15pm, too! We missed the first 5 minutes but that's a-okay for me since I (secretly) want to miss all the minutes! Just kidding.

Me looking like the biggest idiot

I swear, the next part is for real. I wore a blindfold through out the entire film. I am the biggest coward when it comes to horror movies mainly because I have the most vivid imagination. What I see in the film takes a long, long time to get forgotten (and I usually see it happening to me). So rather than risking sleepless nights and unnecessary paranoia, I would choose to  look like a fool in the cinema. The hanky I used was pretty thin so I could still see some silhouettes through it which is why I still understood what was happening. I would also have Singherz describe what was happening when the dialogues and silhouettes couldn't suffice (she amazingly wasn't pissed at my constant questioning). I actually enjoyed the film despite the blindfold since the audience's reactions (screaming and side comments) were very entertaining and actually aided my understanding of the film greatly (ex. If there was a lot of screaming, I understood that something bad was happening to the stars)

After the film, we went to Landmark for a while to look for a blonde wig. I was still scouting for the perfect blonde wig for my yearbook creative shot but no luck today. We even checked the toy store but still no blonde wigs. Oh well. Singherz was supposed to be home pretty early since she and her family were leaving for Antipolo the same day so we decided to just go find a place to eat.

I was still full from our movie snack (we weren't able to finish the Lays and drinks) but I wanted us to go grab a bite before we end our date ('coz that's the only way to end it, you know). I brought her to my favorite burger joint, Tender Bobs. I wanted her to taste the Buffalo Style chicken tenders which is my absolute favorite but since we were both still full, I thought of ordering it later (if we still had the space in our stomachs to put it in)

I ordered 2 quarter pound burgers with cokes on the side for the both of us. I told her the burgers were big but she only fully believed me when she saw it. We both only ate half of our burgers because we could digest no more than that. Needless to say, she never saw those chicken tenders (maybe next time)

Singherz had french fries while i had onion rings
We had our left over burgers wrapped and we headed off to find a cab. We wanted to get some ice cream firts but we both agreed that eating isn't such a good idea. 

When we got out of the mall, we fell in line for a cab but being that the line had about 15 people in front of us and no sign of cabs coming in, I told her we had better chances of getting a cab if we walked to the other side  and find one there. We walked for about 20 minutes total and waited at the corner for another 10 until we finally got a cab ride. We were both pretty sleepy the ride home since we were both full but we still had enough energy to continue chatting. 

The ride home took pretty long since it was traffic everywhere (fridays during rush hour, what do you expect?) but... I enjoyed it. We were both on the same ride home again, although not in our uniforms and in a noisy jeepney. And along the way, we talked and laughed about everything (but this time, not the high school meaning of "everything"). It was just like before... just how I want it to be and just how I want it to stay.

I'll miss you, Singherz hopefully the next date isn't 2 years away! :)

STORY: Is this a movie trailer?

Elissa and Henry from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

So, I stopped from my marathon mode after I finally got so pissed with the buffering of the videos online. I decided I could save myself from the irritation, annoyance and not to mention the ruining of the mood of my favorite shows by just downloading a torrent of the full season. While waiting for the torrent to download, i had to watch something to while away the time (and to stop myself from eating) so I remembered this website - The site is of a company that specializes in wedding videos and their works are all amazing! I discovered the site when I stumbled upon Tuesday Vargas' wedding video through my co-intern at DM9JaymeSyfu last summer. I even made my wedding vow after viewing said video (I blogged about it here). That's how good their videos are.

Anyway, this particular one (the one I embedded above) is sooooooo good (well, the intro part). The editing with the music is so amazing... its epic! Its like its straight from a movie trailer. Amazing. How I wish my wedding video be as good... but more quirky and fun of course... just like me :) (and my husband to be!)

STORY: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Random Fact #5

I can't wake myself up. Well, with confidence that is.

Ever since I can remember, I would have my mom wake me up in the morning every single day. During elementary and high school days it was okay with her since all her kids would wake up at the same time. Plus she would prepare our breakfast and packed lunch anyway so it wouldn't really be a bother for her to wake me up. However, come college, my schedule got all jumbled and I would be waking up 9am one day and 7am the next. She couldn't keep track of my schedule that I had to post my wake up time at my door for her to remember.

This was okay for the first 3 years of college but when senior year came and I only had a few days of classes, the mom alarm system experienced some difficulties. One, my schedule is never regular... I know my schedule usually just the day before. With thesis, organization stuff, group meetings and a lot more, you just never know what time you need to be in school. Second, since these meetings are not classes with attendance and "failure-due-to-absences" drama, I treated the call time a little more lightly. When I tell my mom to wake me up at 7 am since I had a meeting at 9, I would tell her 30 more minutes. The first weeks she was fine with it but eventually she grew annoyed by my habit. She would complain about how she could've gone back to sleep herself already hadn't I keep extending my wake up time. So, out of pride, one day I told her I would wake myself up from that day on. The first week, I would get up with the alarm of my cellphone beep since my brain was aware that no one else is going to wake me up. However, as the days past I grew "deaf" to the alarm tone and I always end up waking up 30 minutes to an hour late!

Aaaaaah, I can't wake myself up! To this day, I still can't. I set my alarm 2 hours before I should get up that way I would be too irritated by the beeping not to get up but when I really, really need to get up on time I go running back to mommy.

STORY: Breakfast at Night

So, I've been on a (so-called) diet for the past 3 weeks now and I haven't seen much change since then but I keep fooling myself to believe that just because I started eating Fitnesse cereal (for the past 4 days and not even regularly) that I have become significantly slimmer. To add to my silliness, I eat the cereal with regular milk at midnight! Plus, last night, I ate my bowl of cereal with 3 whole cookies (and not regular cookies, Keebler Chocolate Lovers --- that means its got twice the number of chocolate chips than the regular one!)

My Midnight snack yesterday

My all time favorite cookies - just in a different variant -- KEEBLER! :)
The only consolation I have is that I know I'm still sane since I can still figure the silliness happening.

Anyway, since sem break officially started Monday afternoon (actually even the weekend before that), I have been having midnight fixes basically since I'm up until about 4 in the morning so getting hungry is inevitable. The bad part is that I eat like it ain't midnight. Just earlier I ate a part of an 8" burger at 1130pm! How the hell is that going to get burned? No, it won't! It will just settle at the bottom of my already bulging stomach and turn itself into fat. 

But you know what, I think I'm going to throw all body conscious thoughts out the window for a while. I've been drowned in school and non-school work for months now so I'm just going to spend the few days I have to enjoy life... yes, life. I'm going to sleep all day and watch all the shows I've missed out on. Then on the weekend, I'm going to go out with people I haven't seen in a while (hopefully, they're available and won't treat me like I've done them -- me being busy, I always had to pass). 

Its quite sad that I missed out on a lot the past few months when the reason I'm doing all that I've been doing is so I could do the things I want when, all along, I could have just been doing them already. Was that clear? You know, we work so hard because we want something but along the way, we forget that reason and we just work and work. That's why sometimes even if what we want appears on our doorsteps, we ignore them because we are too caught up on the things we are doing now. This is not even about just the past months. This is about my life, all our lives in general. We forget the reasons why we wake up early and sleep late, why we put up with horrible people and hurt the nice ones, why we invest in expensive clothes and gadgets and deprive ourselves of the things on our Christmas wish list... all that stuff. We forget. And when we do, life just seems tiring and we just want to get everything over with.

I'm grateful, truly grateful for this break. It gave me a chance to remember. To make myself realize why I've been committing myself to all sorts of tasks and foregoing dates with friends and loved ones. This is because I want to graduate and not regret not doing anything. I want to graduate and say that I couldn't have been a better student. That way, I can get a good job and treat all the people I care about. That when we go out, I could get the tab and make them feel special. Even if I've been making them feel unwanted, a bother or not special because of all the things I have to put first, I hope they realize that this is all for them, too. 

Woah, where did all that come from? Better stop now before I start babbling about destiny and finding one's purpose in life. Now, back to my gigantic burger.... would've posted a picture but I've dug into it before I could so let your imagination do that for you instead. :)

P.S. I also do all that I do (school and non-school commitments) because that's just the way I am. An achiever, they say. I find the most satisfaction in doing all things that I humanly can... and doing it well. But that's a whole new story... maybe next time. 

STORY: New fan!

So I stumbled upon a video about a girl talking about nursing on one of my friend's posts on Facebook and I've been hooked on this lady who goes by thecountessanna ever since! She is very funny but you know she's smart under it all. She speaks well and knows her grammar (and that is so important... well, to me at least). She's silly but not dumb. She talks about the most random things and is able to find something worth talking about.... like public bathrooms.

Am tempted to do a vlog like hers but I think I'm better off blogging with words. I don't think I would be visually entertaining that is if I am entertaining in another way. But I still insist that I am a funny girl (judging by the way people laugh when I talk) but no one has yet to confirm this, you know. Is it really that hard to compliment someone by saying they're funny? Really, is it that hard?

Anyways, back to my How I Met Your Mother Season 7 marathon! :) Yey for sembreak (finally)!

STORY: Missing Proscilla

So if you don't already know, Proscilla is my laptop (well, ex-laptop's name) and she has gone to the laptop heavens already (well, that's where I'd like to think she went because you know, she served me well during her time with me). And the weirdo that I am misses her all too much. And the feeling just grew more intense when I tried the webcam of my new laptop and found out it was nothing compared to Proscilla's (although the sound of this new one is superb).

This is me testing the new laptop's webcam. This actually triggered me to write this blog so even if I look like trash in here, I think I should post it (since its so significant, ya know). This is raw emotion, unscripted 100%

I cant help but feel distant and "un-homey" with the new laptop because I will always (always) compare him (yes, it has a gender) to my baby. And I know its unfair to him to have to live up to Proscilla's standards but that's life and it ain't always gonna be fair. If I had a choice, I would have never given up Proscilla even if she was already pretty outdated (because upgrades just keep coming out ya know). We've been through so much together (editing of films, PSAs, photos, homeworks, blogs!) and I knew how everything worked and where everything was. The settings were fit to my needs, the size and shape was just right, the features were exactly what I would use... its like she was meant for me. And now that she's gone to a better place (where she will no longer have to endure my torturous editing and endless pleading when she hangs), all I can do is miss her and remember her for the laptop that she was.

Proscilla, I don't know if you can hear me up there (of course I know you can't but let's just pretend i dont), but know that all other laptops will have to live up to you and that no other laptop can take your place in my heart.

Tear :,(
(Photo from when she got back from the 'hospital')
Read blog here.

Trust me, I fought to have you still but the tides against me were too strong and I can only do so much.

I guess it is true, first love never dies.

STORY: Acoustic Bass

So I've been complaining about not being able to sleep early these past few days due to the amount of work I need to accomplish (editing of hundreds of write-ups, concept papers for my organization and the cherry on top, synthesis) but here I am, fully able to hit the sack, drowning myself with Youtube videos.

Anyway, moving on, I just found myself in love with this cover and thought I'd post it here for future reference or maybe for some other person to discover (coz you know, someone might just be reading this. Hey, a girl can dream :))

Night! :D

THEORY: Gift Ideas for a 20 year old

I'm not one who likes to tell people what gifts I'd like to get on my birthday ('coz its feels better if they just know, you know?) but since this next one is like a "milestone" one, I'm going to share what 20 year old me would like to receive: DVDs!

Let me enumerate: 6th season of HIMYM, 4th season of TBBT, any or all seasons of Modern Family, even old shows would be great. If you could get me or at least direct me to where I can get a DVD set of Doogie Howser, Home Improvement, or even As Told by Ginger, that would be awesoooome. If everything else can't be found, then a DVD set of iCarly (my newest obsession) would do. ;) Thanks! Hihi. :D