STORY: Friends

I'm not the friendliest person you'll meet and I admit that. This is why I don't wonder about my friend list (the real life one and not the one on Facebook or any other online site) being very short. So short in fact that I think the people I consider (and have considered, included) friends is just 5 (or less, even). 

I take my relationships with people seriously. I like to use words to label people's relationships to me accurately. Meaning, being my classmate, an acquaintance, a chat mate, a co-officer, a colleague, and a friend are all very different things. I treat people based on the "status" they have in my life hence not everybody knows me the same. 

For me, "friend" is a big word. Its side by side with boyfriend in my book. You won't go around declaring someone is your boyfriend if you aren't 100% sure this is true and that the other party agrees with this, right? In my case, the same is true for friends. I like to make sure the people I call friends consider me a friend, too. And promise, once we get the "label' thing down, I'm going to be the most loyal, going-the-extra-mile, supportive, helpful and whatever-else-you-want-me-to-be friend. (Maybe this is why I like to keep a few friends, so each of them gets quality me.)

Anyway, part of this short list of people I call friends finally decided to go down from the mountains and spend some quality time with me. Actually, she's been visiting a lot but we never really get the chance to meet with schedule conflict and such. But since semestral break is in full swing, we finally got our long overdue date.

Christine (who I call Singherz <--- since her last name is Singh), moved to Antipolo around 3 years ago. She used to live just a few streets away from me so her moving was a big change. We went to the same high school and we met way back during sophomore year. We would go home from school together since we would take the same jeepney ride home. Along the way we would laugh and talk about everything (well, in high school, "everything" usually means boys, school, self-identity issues and more boys although Singherz has always been the anti-girly type and the resident booksnake <-- because worm does not suffice). 

Anyway, during the first year of her moving, we would still text and call each other and she would visit a few times. But as time went by, we both got busy, our chats became more seldom and a lot of visits never happened. However, thanks to Facebook, I never really felt a gap. Our rendezvous today is testament to that since we acted like we were never apart (and note that the last time we went out was 2 years ago!)

Our date started out with my dad telling us to take a cab instead of him driving us (oh well, he gave me cab fare naman eh). It took us a good 30 minutes to get one but at least we kick started our catching up while we waited.

Mom gave me the last 2 of 10 tickets to Greenbelt Cinemas so we both got to watch a movie for free. We ended up watching Paranormal Activity 3 since the only other choice was Praybeyt Benjamin which I already saw the day before with Jose. Plus, with Singherz being a horror fan, PA3 was the way to go.

I told Singherz today was my treat (with my birthday coming up this weekend, this was like my birthday treat as well) so I bought us some movie snacks before we got into the cinema. Singherz got a lemonade, I got an iced tea and we shared a bucket of popcorn and a bag of Sour cream and onion Lays.

We we were amazingly just in time for the film by the way. The movie starts at 3:15 and we got to Greenbelt at 3:15pm, too! We missed the first 5 minutes but that's a-okay for me since I (secretly) want to miss all the minutes! Just kidding.

Me looking like the biggest idiot

I swear, the next part is for real. I wore a blindfold through out the entire film. I am the biggest coward when it comes to horror movies mainly because I have the most vivid imagination. What I see in the film takes a long, long time to get forgotten (and I usually see it happening to me). So rather than risking sleepless nights and unnecessary paranoia, I would choose to  look like a fool in the cinema. The hanky I used was pretty thin so I could still see some silhouettes through it which is why I still understood what was happening. I would also have Singherz describe what was happening when the dialogues and silhouettes couldn't suffice (she amazingly wasn't pissed at my constant questioning). I actually enjoyed the film despite the blindfold since the audience's reactions (screaming and side comments) were very entertaining and actually aided my understanding of the film greatly (ex. If there was a lot of screaming, I understood that something bad was happening to the stars)

After the film, we went to Landmark for a while to look for a blonde wig. I was still scouting for the perfect blonde wig for my yearbook creative shot but no luck today. We even checked the toy store but still no blonde wigs. Oh well. Singherz was supposed to be home pretty early since she and her family were leaving for Antipolo the same day so we decided to just go find a place to eat.

I was still full from our movie snack (we weren't able to finish the Lays and drinks) but I wanted us to go grab a bite before we end our date ('coz that's the only way to end it, you know). I brought her to my favorite burger joint, Tender Bobs. I wanted her to taste the Buffalo Style chicken tenders which is my absolute favorite but since we were both still full, I thought of ordering it later (if we still had the space in our stomachs to put it in)

I ordered 2 quarter pound burgers with cokes on the side for the both of us. I told her the burgers were big but she only fully believed me when she saw it. We both only ate half of our burgers because we could digest no more than that. Needless to say, she never saw those chicken tenders (maybe next time)

Singherz had french fries while i had onion rings
We had our left over burgers wrapped and we headed off to find a cab. We wanted to get some ice cream firts but we both agreed that eating isn't such a good idea. 

When we got out of the mall, we fell in line for a cab but being that the line had about 15 people in front of us and no sign of cabs coming in, I told her we had better chances of getting a cab if we walked to the other side  and find one there. We walked for about 20 minutes total and waited at the corner for another 10 until we finally got a cab ride. We were both pretty sleepy the ride home since we were both full but we still had enough energy to continue chatting. 

The ride home took pretty long since it was traffic everywhere (fridays during rush hour, what do you expect?) but... I enjoyed it. We were both on the same ride home again, although not in our uniforms and in a noisy jeepney. And along the way, we talked and laughed about everything (but this time, not the high school meaning of "everything"). It was just like before... just how I want it to be and just how I want it to stay.

I'll miss you, Singherz hopefully the next date isn't 2 years away! :)

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