STORY: Is this a movie trailer?

Elissa and Henry from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

So, I stopped from my marathon mode after I finally got so pissed with the buffering of the videos online. I decided I could save myself from the irritation, annoyance and not to mention the ruining of the mood of my favorite shows by just downloading a torrent of the full season. While waiting for the torrent to download, i had to watch something to while away the time (and to stop myself from eating) so I remembered this website - The site is of a company that specializes in wedding videos and their works are all amazing! I discovered the site when I stumbled upon Tuesday Vargas' wedding video through my co-intern at DM9JaymeSyfu last summer. I even made my wedding vow after viewing said video (I blogged about it here). That's how good their videos are.

Anyway, this particular one (the one I embedded above) is sooooooo good (well, the intro part). The editing with the music is so amazing... its epic! Its like its straight from a movie trailer. Amazing. How I wish my wedding video be as good... but more quirky and fun of course... just like me :) (and my husband to be!)

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