STORY: Missing Proscilla

So if you don't already know, Proscilla is my laptop (well, ex-laptop's name) and she has gone to the laptop heavens already (well, that's where I'd like to think she went because you know, she served me well during her time with me). And the weirdo that I am misses her all too much. And the feeling just grew more intense when I tried the webcam of my new laptop and found out it was nothing compared to Proscilla's (although the sound of this new one is superb).

This is me testing the new laptop's webcam. This actually triggered me to write this blog so even if I look like trash in here, I think I should post it (since its so significant, ya know). This is raw emotion, unscripted 100%

I cant help but feel distant and "un-homey" with the new laptop because I will always (always) compare him (yes, it has a gender) to my baby. And I know its unfair to him to have to live up to Proscilla's standards but that's life and it ain't always gonna be fair. If I had a choice, I would have never given up Proscilla even if she was already pretty outdated (because upgrades just keep coming out ya know). We've been through so much together (editing of films, PSAs, photos, homeworks, blogs!) and I knew how everything worked and where everything was. The settings were fit to my needs, the size and shape was just right, the features were exactly what I would use... its like she was meant for me. And now that she's gone to a better place (where she will no longer have to endure my torturous editing and endless pleading when she hangs), all I can do is miss her and remember her for the laptop that she was.

Proscilla, I don't know if you can hear me up there (of course I know you can't but let's just pretend i dont), but know that all other laptops will have to live up to you and that no other laptop can take your place in my heart.

Tear :,(
(Photo from when she got back from the 'hospital')
Read blog here.

Trust me, I fought to have you still but the tides against me were too strong and I can only do so much.

I guess it is true, first love never dies.

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