STORY: New fan!

So I stumbled upon a video about a girl talking about nursing on one of my friend's posts on Facebook and I've been hooked on this lady who goes by thecountessanna ever since! She is very funny but you know she's smart under it all. She speaks well and knows her grammar (and that is so important... well, to me at least). She's silly but not dumb. She talks about the most random things and is able to find something worth talking about.... like public bathrooms.

Am tempted to do a vlog like hers but I think I'm better off blogging with words. I don't think I would be visually entertaining that is if I am entertaining in another way. But I still insist that I am a funny girl (judging by the way people laugh when I talk) but no one has yet to confirm this, you know. Is it really that hard to compliment someone by saying they're funny? Really, is it that hard?

Anyways, back to my How I Met Your Mother Season 7 marathon! :) Yey for sembreak (finally)!

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