STORY: Trick or Treating with the girls

I decided to join my mom and sisters on their trick or treat thing (which they have been doing for 3 years or so already) today at Robinsons. They didn't go full on costume this year (the past years they would really prepare costumes to wear) so Amanda just had a witch hat/devil's horn headband on her head alternately. Allea would wear whatever headpiece Amanda wasn't wearing. However, Amanda did wear a real nice gothic-y skirt so it did pass for a costume (in some level).

We came in pretty late so a lot of the activities were already over. We just caught the other kids going from shop to shop to ask for candies. Amanda just joined in and started handing her pumpkin container to whatever store we would pass by. Some gave candies, same said they already run out and some just didn't participate (boo!)

My little sister is becoming more of a teenager everyday! She didn't wear a costume this year just the witch hat. 
I love how my mom is always so game for all of these kid activities (although I am embarrassed about her "game" attitude sometimes, I'm glad she is that way... if she weren't, I and my sisters would have missed out on a lot of fun activities during our childhood)
After hopping from store to store, we headed to my sisters and mom's weekly hangout (yes, they do go to this place on a regular basis) - Tom's World. They even have strategies for some of the games already. Anyway, Allea played the Dance Dance Revo and I watched her. I never tried this game (although this became a hit a few years back) but I have always wanted to. I was always too shy to try it since people would gather and watch whoever is playing. But today, I got really excited as I watched Allea stomp on those arrows... so excited that I had her put a few more tokens in and we played the game together. 

Boy! I've been missing a lot all of these years. Will play the game again next time! 

Tired and ready to eat!

 After getting really exhausted from all the walking and playing, we looked for a place to eat. And yes, we ended up at another regular of my sisters and mom (they hang out a lot together, you know) - Kangaroo Jack. Mom kept raving about their Fish and Chips and they were quite good. What I loved really was the sauce that came with it - yum!

Amanda digging into her fish and chips!
With sister dear, Allea
(Clockwise L-R) Calamares, Bangus ala Kieve (mine, which was delicious! Especially the beshamel sauce which  I wanted more of!), another shot of my plate, fish and chips
We bought some food for take out for daddy and Enzo who were left at home. After that we headed out to find a cab ride home. It was nice that there were no lines for the taxi so we hopped in right away. 

We saw this on the way out. Isn't it so cute?

It was a fun and tiring day. I used to go out with my family all the time so this was a real nice activity to do again. :)

(Advanced) Happy Halloween everyone! (For me, its happy birthday as well. Yey!)

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