THEORY: Gift Ideas for a 20 year old

I'm not one who likes to tell people what gifts I'd like to get on my birthday ('coz its feels better if they just know, you know?) but since this next one is like a "milestone" one, I'm going to share what 20 year old me would like to receive: DVDs!

Let me enumerate: 6th season of HIMYM, 4th season of TBBT, any or all seasons of Modern Family, even old shows would be great. If you could get me or at least direct me to where I can get a DVD set of Doogie Howser, Home Improvement, or even As Told by Ginger, that would be awesoooome. If everything else can't be found, then a DVD set of iCarly (my newest obsession) would do. ;) Thanks! Hihi. :D

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