STORY: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Random Fact #5

I can't wake myself up. Well, with confidence that is.

Ever since I can remember, I would have my mom wake me up in the morning every single day. During elementary and high school days it was okay with her since all her kids would wake up at the same time. Plus she would prepare our breakfast and packed lunch anyway so it wouldn't really be a bother for her to wake me up. However, come college, my schedule got all jumbled and I would be waking up 9am one day and 7am the next. She couldn't keep track of my schedule that I had to post my wake up time at my door for her to remember.

This was okay for the first 3 years of college but when senior year came and I only had a few days of classes, the mom alarm system experienced some difficulties. One, my schedule is never regular... I know my schedule usually just the day before. With thesis, organization stuff, group meetings and a lot more, you just never know what time you need to be in school. Second, since these meetings are not classes with attendance and "failure-due-to-absences" drama, I treated the call time a little more lightly. When I tell my mom to wake me up at 7 am since I had a meeting at 9, I would tell her 30 more minutes. The first weeks she was fine with it but eventually she grew annoyed by my habit. She would complain about how she could've gone back to sleep herself already hadn't I keep extending my wake up time. So, out of pride, one day I told her I would wake myself up from that day on. The first week, I would get up with the alarm of my cellphone beep since my brain was aware that no one else is going to wake me up. However, as the days past I grew "deaf" to the alarm tone and I always end up waking up 30 minutes to an hour late!

Aaaaaah, I can't wake myself up! To this day, I still can't. I set my alarm 2 hours before I should get up that way I would be too irritated by the beeping not to get up but when I really, really need to get up on time I go running back to mommy.

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