STORY: Check this Star!

My cool professor in Mass Media & Society showed the video of The Buggles' hit "Video Killed the Radio Star" in class today in line with our discussion of the evolution of communication. The first time we viewed it, I thought it was a catchy song but when we listened to it again while we talked about the lyrics, i found myself hooked (And since I knew the lyrics now, I found myself singing it to it the whole day!)

The moment I heard it, I knew it was familiar... and that was because I heard the same "Oh-a-oh" in feat Nicki Minaj's song Check it out! :) I'm not sure if the new song took the tune from the The Buggles or it was just plain coincidence but its so cool that my fave part in Nicki Minaj's song (the Oh-a-oh) is part of a song I'm totally hooked on now. :)

Anyway, the song got us talking about making a modern version of the The Buggle's hit and we'd call it "Internet mutated the TV star." If only I could play an instrument, I'd get started on the project right away... but, no. But then again, you'll never know. :)

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