STORY: The Last Stretch

Its already November and for seniors of my school who are taking up Mass Communications this could only mean that thesis defense is just around the corner. Everyone is busy picking up the pieces of what is a messy study as of now (well, for some) so that they can present and defend something come December. Once you've got defense down, you basically got rid of half of your worries.

For the past month, my thesis group hasn't been working as hard as we have been the first few months so now, its a bit difficult to get back in the "zone." We used to meet every day to plan everything, research, write and rewrite our thesis but after passing the initial test last September 30 (this was when the school decided whether we are eligible for the December defense), we sort of... relaxed. Now, after a whole month of slacking, we are finally back to work and I'm trying my best to get the old routine back.

So, goodbye blogging for a while. It was nice while it lasted. But I swear, after all these are done, I will come running back to you... with loads of stories and theories to share! Hopefully, it will all be good news (one being that we passed defense!) Fingers crossed! :)

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