STORY: Thesis Night

Thesis will be (semi) over the next few weeks so our group finally had another overnight to finish everything that needs to be (despite our belief that overnights are not necessary to get the job done). 

This is us taking a (looooong) break while working. Actually, we take longer breaks than we do work! See, this is why overnights aren't very advisable.

I'm getting really nervous about thesis defense (ours is on Dec. 13) so I'm really praying that we get through it as fast as possible. If you're asking me if I'm going to miss thesis, I won't (hihi). When its all over, besides all the new knowledge I've gained, I will also have memories of these two gals to keep as souvenirs anyways. I'm itching to bid thesis goodbye already but I must bid blogging farewell first to do that. So, bye! :)

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