THEORY: Reverse Psychology

I have the courage to talk about this "reverse psychology" I'm doing on someone because I have a strong feeling that he won't be reading this anyway. So, here it goes.

He went out tonight. Yes, he actually did. This may appear as a "So What?" scenario but for someone like him, this is a big moment. And yes, he may have told me about this a few days back and yes, I did not show any signs of disapproval (because I actually encourage this sort of social activity greatly -- you know, for holistic growth and all that jazz) but that does not make me feel any better about finding out that he is already out and having a good time when my memory (unfortunately) fails me and makes me think he is at home, lying on his back like he always does. I was even having a phone conversation with him earlier that day and he didn't even bother to "remind" me or at least pass by his late night plans in our talk.

But before I appear like some psycho, let me get back to the point of  this entry: my plan of action. I will act as though nothing has bothered me (although I am a tad bothered) and that I am not a tiny bit curious about what transpired during his night out. I will not ask what happened when he calls me and merely give out my generic replies which I give out only on two occasions: (1) when I don't care that much about the topic of discussion for me to think of a more meaningful response and (2) when I really want to know more about the discussion but want the other party to "voluntarily" divulge the information. So for this event, I'm doing it for reason number two.

I believe its working. I just keep saying "That's nice" or "Good for you" and immediately terminate the conversation. He was the one who ended up wondering why I didn't want to know more about the night and continued narrating the story. During the first 3-4 sentences of him talking about whatever happened, I lost interest in knowing much about it. The fact that he is willing divulge information means that there isn't much to worry about (that is if I was even worrying in the first place which obviously isn't the case... right?)

But for the fun of it, I shall continue this reverse psychology thing, just because I really am curious of what went down. Hihi. :)

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