STORY: Baby No More

There will always be one member of your family that you get along best with. In my family, its my youngest sister, Amanda. We are 13 years apart but that doesn't seem to matter. In the past 3 years, the image of myself seems to become more and more evident in her. From the way she talks and moves to the way she thinks. And the best part is that it isn't the type of similarity that makes the two of us ward off from each other (you know, that negative attracts thing and positive repels), its the kind that makes you understand each other and know where the other is coming from. I know, I know, you're thinking "Is she really talking about a 6 year old?" Well, the answer to that is yes. I think she really is wiser beyond her years and the things that she says and does surprise us every time. Actually, come to think of it, she is similar to my present self not my self when I was her age. I was very shy and quiet when I was her age which makes me assume that when she gets to my age, she'll be a whole lot more of a handful (Thank God my parents will have gotten rid of the me and my brother by that time or else I couldn't see them surviving raising that kind of kid. I mean, they barely are surviving me! Haha)

Amanda with my Dad who I believer we both take after.
With our sister Allea who I believe influences the girly side of Amanda.
This was taken two years ago and it appears that my other siblings have grown up all too fast as well. My brother has lost the braces and Allea has become a young lady already.
Anyways, today is her 7th birthday (but we'll be throwing a party for her tomorrow). And as embarrassing as it may sound, it makes me sad... so sad that for her 6th birthday last year I recorded myself talking to a web cam crying over how I'm losing my baby sister! No one but me has seen that video and I don't plan to show anyone anytime soon. Let's just say that the crying was pretty loud and uncontrollable. I'm a little calmer about her birthday this year since I've prepared myself slowly throughout the entire year. Although I keep kidding her (half joke of course, half true) the entire year by asking her if she is willing to skip celebrating her birthday so she can remain 6 for another year. Of course the thought of skipping presents, cake and all the attention is just nightmare for her so she would answer a big fat no each time I'd ask. There were a few times that she almost gave in though. She would bargain with me and say that she'd agree to skip next year's birthday so that she'd stay 7 for 2 years but I would tell her that once you reach 7 years old, you are no longer a baby. You become a big kid already and once you are a big kid, there is no turning back. So she'd go back to her original answer - no.

I believe she is just 4 years old here.

4 and a half years old.
5 years old.
4 years old.
This year I don't plan to restage my dramatic melt down. I plan to just blog about it. I plan to share with you all the little girl I'm going to be missing for a long, long time. She hasn't even been a 7 year old a day and I miss my baby already. :( Because the truth is, when all the cuteness and innocence (if she really is innocent 'coz I have my doubts about that. I think she was born a quarter adult) goes away, she's just going to be me - a bossy know it all... and I don't want another me! I want Amanda! 

We share this weird bond where I tease all the time to the point that she calls me "Wicked Sister" but at the end of the day, we love each other all the same.

But I guess this is just one of the many in things in life I just have to learn to understand, let go and live with. So I guess Amanda growing up is also a growing up moment for me. Maybe that's why our birthdays are just 2 months apart (I'm on October and she December)! God gave me 2 months lead time to prepare... to let me get accustomed to another year of wisdom before I face a love one who is also growing and finding her own path. Maybe God allows me to grow up myself first... so I'll always be able to cope up with her... forever

Me & Amanda

Although it makes Ate very sad that you will be a baby no more, I will still wish you the happiest of days and I will be smiling as you celebrate your special day. Because as much as I want to keep you by my side forever, asking your questions and nagging me to play with you, I wouldn't want to rob the world of the wonderful person I know you will become. I'm going to miss you dearly but give me some time and I know I'll get over it. But don't count on me getting over being your big sister because I will love you forever... until your birthday after that. But lets slow down a bit and just focus on now, shall we? Happy Birthday Amanda! Hope you like the standee I made for your cupcake tower! (I can't decide which of the two I'm going to print out yet... well, just wait for your birthday party and see!)

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