STORY: Caroline Peach

I'd just like to share how much I love my nail polish today. I had a pedicure yesterday (specifically because I was going to wear my wedges today) and I decided to steer away from my usual red and choose another color. I decided to try Caroline Peach (which I have never heard of before) since it was a blend of my two favorite nail polish colors, red and nude.

This image is from Google. I don't like to upload photos of my feet, you know! I bite my nails so my hands don't have nail polish on them so you've got to settle with this photo. Its very similar to my nail polish just make it a little redder.
I loved how the color went well with my beige, yellow and brown outfit today. ;) I'm no fashionista so I'm just speaking from my personal idea of what color matches what. (Forgive me if there are any errors! Hahaha) :)

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