STORY: Christmas Rush 2

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After we've wrapped all the presents and took our photos, we dashed off to my house. It was already 7pm (I'm 30 minutes late) so we had to hurry. My dad was already calling me since I was the only one not home yet. 

Every year mom would cook Noche Buena which we would feast on come midnight after we've attended the 1030pm mass. After we eat, we would exchange gifts then go to bed. The following day, mom, my siblings and I would get up as early as we can to do rounds at my Lola's at Tita's houses for the yearly Pamamasko. But since we stay up late during christmas eve, we all wake up at noon missing all the "pamasko" action. So this year, my parents decided to switch things up so that we could all sleep early and wake up early the next day. The plan was that we were going to attend the first mass at 630 pm then just have dinner out. So I was surprised when I got home and found that everyone was already eating. It appears that my cousins decided to come over thus changing our plans. Mom had to cook whatever she could on the spot (since we were supposed to have dinner out) while my cousin's family just bought a bucket of KFC. After eating, we went to the 9pm mass then exchanged gifts as soon  as we got home.

Super mom who whipped up a feast on the spot!

I wasn't home yet so I'm not in any of the photos.
As soon as I got home, Jose and I ate some dinner. Dad let Amo (my grandpa) take a picture with us.
And another picture with my grandmother, Nene. 

Jose had his own family affair this night. He ate a little at our house and left. He followed his family at Greenbelt who was having dinner at Gloria Mari's. We were invited to join them but we declined since we had such a jam packed schedule (as you have already read in part 1) plus I had my own family dinner to attend to. :)

Family picture! :)

After we attended mass, we started giving gifts. We would take picture of each one handing each other gifts but since most of the shots were blurry, I just posted this one of me and my mom.

As you can see, I changed outfit. My family was all dressed up when I came and I looked so haggard in my shirt and shorts outfit. I wore my Christmas present from Jose already. Look at the stripy sweater! 

After all the happenings of the day, I was dead tired. I wasn't even able to sort all my presents. I just placed it all in one paper bag. However, I was still able to open the computer and edit some of the photos of the day. I stayed up at about 4am and woke up really late the next day.

Christmas day I decided to skip (for the first time), the yearly Pamamsko to all the lola's and tita's. I felt I was already too big for it (actually, I felt I was too big for it a few years back but it was only this year that I felt that my mom understood that it was finally time for me to outgrow this Christmas ritual).

Mom would always take a photo of the four of us siblings before we head out of the house Christmas day but since I skipped the ritual, I am not in the photo. I didn't realize what skipping the ritual meant until I saw this photo. Suddenly I imagined all the future Christmases without me in the photo, and eventually me not being in other celebration's photos since I'll be moving out and living my own life. But until that happens, allow me to absorb the big change this photo represents. I guess 2011 truly marks the end of a chapter of my life and 2012 being the start of a new one. 

My family is definitely growing, changing and moving forward. I know that we will continue to change and that Christmas will slowly be a celebration where traditions are outgrown and new ones are formed. But despite that, I know what Christmas is, and forever will be about - family. And that is something even I can't skip and even if I could, I wouldn't... ever.

Merry Christmas everyone! May God bless us all! :)

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