STORY: Colorful Black & White

Jose surprised me by bringing me to Ayala Triangle after our movie date at Rockwell. I was pretty pissed that time so I didn't really realize that we were going to witness something really magical. Actually, because of my pissed state, we missed the first show. Well, I wasn't really aware that there was going to be a show so I guess I don't get all the blame. Anyway, after my head finally cooled  down, we got some yogurt and enjoyed the next set of lights show.

Jose was testing his new DSLR, so he was willing to take photos today. Yey for me! :) I just love the camera. Haha.

The photo below is how colorful the entire display was but I'm really feeling the black and white versions of the photos better so those will be what I'll be sharing most of. :) Enjoy!

What beautiful lights!


aaaaah, mah favorite froyo topping of all time - crushed graham

Let the black & white madness begin! :)

I was still pissed off this time and it shows a lot, huh? hihi.

Now, this is just the right blend of colorful and black and white :)

Hope you get to visit Ayala Triangle soon! The show runs every hour from 6pm to 9pm until Dec. 30, 2011.The lights show was really magical. I just wished they placed a roller blading rink (since we can't have a skating rink) underneath the lights, that would have made the place even more amazing! :)

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