STORY: Communicate Christmas

Back in high school, Christmas parties were a mandatory thing. Although others give more effort into it than the rest, every class had to have a party. Because of this, there are some things I just always knew like: (1) I will be bringing home at least one gift from our exchange gift ritual (2) I will end up playing games (that remain the same through the years) (3) I will always end up eating a chicken meal (ranging from McDonald's to Kenny Rogers) and (4) I will always have a chance to give my gifts to the people who played an important part in my life for the past year. 

But come college, Christmas parties were a sariling sikap thing. You had to initiate a party for there to be one. Unlike the security of high school, in college you just never knew. You never knew if you'd be getting any presents, you never knew if there was going to be a feast to share, you never knew if you will be given a chance to give your gifts to your professors and classmates. 

During my freshman year, I was able to attend my block's Christmas party (which will turn out to be my first and last block party). It was held in my classmate Marie's house and we each pitched in to pay for the food. There wasn't much games, just a lot eating, talking and photo taking. I had fun but unfortunately, I wouldn't get to attend another Christmas party 'til 3 years later. (Well, school related Christmas parties, that is.)


Fast forward to Dec. 19, 2011, Communication Society, the organization of all Mass Communication majors, had its first (well the only one I could remember) Christmas party and I just had to attend it. After surviving thesis defense and wrapping up so many activities, I barely realized how close it was to Christmas already. I was not one bit in my Christmas spirit so I had to attend this party just to get me in the mood. 

It was good thing I attended the event since I enjoyed myself. The theme was Hat's Off so everyone had to wear a head piece. Being that I had a lot of head pieces (thanks to my mom), hats, headbands and wigs, I decided to wear the thing that would stand out most. I chose to wear the blonde wig my mom bought me for my yearbook creative shot. It was a great decision since I won second place for best head piece! 

Me as a blonde!
The first place went to Soleil and its obvious why!
Photo by Mary Tayag
There were a few games that night but what took most of the time was the series of performances (mostly impromptu) by my fellow Mass Communication students. It was so entertaining I couldn't hold in my laughter. They really did put on a good show! 
Photo by Therease Godinez
Photo by Therease Godinez
I joined the Trip to Jerusalem game and lasted up to the last 7 players from about 18 players!
Photo by Mary Tayag
Photo by Mary Tayag
Photo by Mary Tayag

The first performers of the night
The very confident Janica who sang not one but two songs, Rolling in the Deep & Skyscraper!
After the long performance segment, we proceeded with the next and final game of the night: Longest Line. I didn't join but I had great time watching everyone be so competitive. Would just look at how everyone ended up looking after the game? Haha!

Now that's resourcefulness right there.

Oha? Team A had a girl in a split!
Of course the other team had Pya to do a split as well. Competitive!
After the games, everyone fell in line to feast on the boxes of pizza and juice. I had about 4 slices!

With Jojo
After the Christmas party, I waited for Jose at Plaza Moriones. While waiting, I finally appreciated the Christmas decor at the plaza (which has been up for weeks now) and sniffed in the Christmas air. Aaaaah, it truly is Christmas time again. :)

This will be one of the things I'll miss the most when I leave SSC (hopefully by March 2012!). Look at those pretty lights and we have those up all year round. :)
Here's to a very merry Christmas ahead!

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