STORY: Fake 3 Layer Fondant Cake

So Jose asked me if I could make him a fake fondant cake a few days ago and I told him that I could do it easy peasy (modesty aside). Well, if you know me, you'd know I'm the biggest crafts geek so this request would be more of a gift on my part than work. 

Jose was going all panicky when he couldn't find the materials his classmates told him he would need to make the cake. He went to a bunch of branches of National bookstore and a bunch of department stores looking for a cylinder styrofoam which would serve as the layers of the cake. I kept telling him that he doesn't need the styrofoam because I can do without! But he insisted on looking for it but to no avail. He ended up having to trust that I can deliver without the oh so important styro. Another thing he couldn't find was a bride and groom figurine for the top of the cake. Again, I told him he doesn't need to find one because I can well make him one but this time, it didn't take very long for him to believe me. Good! I was starting to get really pissed with his lack of faith in what I can do (considering I have been making projects for 3 people (my brother and sisters) all these years... and now one more, since he's added himself up to the list).

Anyways, I had him buy some cartolina (the ones with higher gsm), some white felt paper, ribbons (of complementing colors) and flowers (which are meant to be christmas tree decorations). Also, he bought some glue and clay for the bride and groom "figurines" to top the cake. Actually, I was with him when he bought these so I chose everything he just paid for all of it! Haha.

Its unfortunate that I didn't think of documenting how I made the entire thing. I guess I was just too eager to begin the project that the idea totally slipped. Too bad, it would have been a good tutorial (for all those who'd like to fake their cakes as well)

Just in case you still like to know how I made the thing, I'm going to give you the step by step procedure (minus the visual aid)


1. Prepare the materials

- Cardboard (as big as the base of each of the 3 layers)
- Felt paper (this will serve as the coating of your cake and since I was going to make a wedding cake, I used white)
- Clay (prepare the colors which you will use to make the figurines. I used black, white, flesh and some blue and green for accents)
- Decorations (I used ribbons and flowers and kept the decor to a minumum)
- Glue & Tape (You will be using a lot of tape!)
- Magazines or Newspapers (for stuffing)
- Cartolina (the thicker, the better)
- Scissors

2. Trace 3 sizes of circles each smaller than the previous one. Make 2 of each size.
3. Cut strips of cartolina lengthwise. The width of the cartolina will be the height of each of the layers of the cake. Make sure to maintain the same width for all the strips of cartolina you will be cutting.
4. Start taping the strips of cartolina around the cardboard bases you cut earlier. Since you have 2 of each size, only tape the cartolina into one of each. It should be looking like a trash bin by now.
5. Start stuffing the trash bin with crumpled magazine sheets. Make sure not to overstuff so that the layer won't be bulging when you start to seal it in.
6. Grab the identical cardboard base of each of the base and use these to seal each of the layer in. Its okay if each layer looks a bit messy with all of the tape showing because you will be covering this later on. You should have 3 cylinders of increasing sizes by now.
7. Once you have all 3 cylinders, you should start wrapping it with the felt paper. You should work neatly now and make sure no scotch tape is visible on the sides. The top and the bottom will be covered so the tape can be seen here.
    - How to wrap? Again, cut the felt paper lengthwise making sure that the width is about 5 inches more than each layer. Wrap the felt paper around the cylinder making sure all the excess felt paper falls on one side of the cylinder. Tape the bottom part to the cardboard base, the tape can be visible here since we will be covering this part later. Start cutting the excess felt paper vertically until the cardboard base.
8. Start taping each of the flaps of the felt paper to the center of the circle. You are supposed to go about this in one direction.

9. After you have finished wrapping each layer with felt paper, fill the bottom of the second and third bases with double sided tape (but I used rolled scotch tape since we did not have any double sided tape at the moment). Start placing the layers on top each other making sure each falls on the center of the lower layer.
10. Start decorating. You can do this any way you want but for my cake, I wrapped the bottom of each layer with ribbons and placed a flower on the part where the ribbon ends meet. I made sure I did not use only one color so that it wouldn't look too loud. I used a lighter, almost silver flower for the bright turquoise ribbon and used a silver ribbon for the turquoise flower.

Placing the ribbons and flowers
11. Start making the bride and groom with the clay. (You can figure this step out, I suppose)
12. Place the bride and groom in a small cardboard base covered with white felt paper so that you can move the bride and groom around. Smother the entire clay figure with glue for shine and added stability.

13. You can tape the clay figures' base on the topmost layer but I didn't. I wanted it to be detachable so you can quickly change the cake to another kind of cake anytime. Also, it won't be prone to accidents (when you have to move the cake around).
14. You can opt to make a bottom with a personalized logo of your bakeshop like I did to complete the look.

Of course, being the proud creator of a beautiful fake cake, I had to take as many photos of my baby as possible... you know, for show! :)

The bride & groom!
I couldn't stand seeing the end of the cartolina, so I took out the entire top layer and twisted it to the other side. So make sure you place all the "glitches" at the back side! :) Hihi
I look really haggard here because I am! I finished this at around 7pm and I have been up since 5am this day! I have gone to Taft (school), Makati & Global City in that time and this was an extremely hot day! Whew! 
Top View
The result - a beautiful fake cake!
i'm still thinking if I should get rid of the ribbon or not, so this may change. ;)
Hope you understood my tutorial! Share your cakes with me if you get the chance to try it.
If you don't plan on making one of your own, hope you liked how mine turned out. Will it pass for a real one?

P.S. I also made wedding invitations and menus to match the cake. Will post that later on! ;) If this wedding were real, I bet it would be a pretty awesome one. :D Good luck Jose, hope you get a good grade on your fake event! Haha! :D

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