STORY: Kevin Arnold's Eyes

I swear, give it a few more days of The Wonder Years marathon-ing and my blog will eventually be mistaken for a TWY's blog. I just can't stop posting about Kevin Arnold and his daily adventures. But can you blame me? Look at how cute that twelve year old is! I bet he created what we know as puppy dog eyes today.

Oh Kevin Arnold, you are one of those things (well, people) we wish we could hold onto forever, we wish would never grow up. Then again, somehow you never actually did and you never will for you will live forevermore in our hearts as the lovable Kevin Arnold even if Fred Savage (the actor who plays Kevin) can't stop life's inevitable ways.

I started rewatching TWY from the pilot episode and I'm now on the second episode. This time I'm in no rush to finish the show unlike what I did with other shows I suddenly became obsessed with (usually I try to watch as many episodes as I can so I can get back on track but since there is no track to get back on with the wonder years, I'm going to take my sweet time). Now I'll just watch one episode a day so i can always look forward to watching something tomorrow. That way, Kevin Arnold will live as a twelve year old a little longer... that is until I reach the end and rewatch the show all over again! (I tell you, I have the tendency to do that when I get over, over obsessed) ;)

2 episodes down, 113 more to go! :)

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